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Did you check your climate control unit lately? One major symptom that your unit is failing is when it automatically shuts down and then restarts even without you controlling it. If you don't have an idea about the cause of your unit's problem, then it's best that you replace it immediately. A faulty climate control unit can greatly compromise your vehicle's performance if you don't fix it right away. Be very careful when choosing the right unit that goes best with your vehicle. You must get a direct OE replacement of this unit so that you can easily install this to your system. And like any other replacement parts, you must check the quality of the control unit to make sure it's strong and durable enough for lifetime use. So maintain your vehicle in excellent condition and get a new climate control unit here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We know you want only what's best for your vehicle; that's why we offer top-caliber auto replacements from trusted and noted aftermarket manufacturers! And with our huge discounts and free shipping service, you can buy your item for less and be able to save more! You get your money's worth here so hurry up and get yours today!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Choosing the Right Climate Control Unit

Imagine driving down the highway when you suddenly feel a chilling breeze from your ac. You want to adjust the temperature but you find yourself in a constant battle with which fan speed will be too cold. Inconvenient isn't it? But today's climate control systems have eliminated this kind of inconvenience with the invention of the climate control unit. It has enhanced driving comfort by letting you adjust the temperature itself rather than its fan's speed. There are a lot of sophisticated climate control regulations today. But how do you differentiate one from the other? Here are the things you have to remember when shopping for a new climate control unit.

Determine the type of climate control unit you need.

There are basically 3 types of climate control units and they are differentiated by how much control you have over them. The first type, the manual climate control, allows you to manually control your vehicle's interior temperature. The two other types are the semi-automatic and fully automatic control units. These types have preset controls that will automatically adjust or level your fan speed at a set temperature. Basically, the kind of climate control unit you need depends on how convenient you want them to be. For example if you prefer to dictate-by the degree-how cold or hot it is inside your car, then you should install a manual climate control. But if you don't want to be bothered with setting your car's comfort level, then go and install either a semi-automatic or automatic unit.

Inspect the quality of the cables and hardware.

Climate control units are made up of a variety of cables that connects it to the rest of your heating and cooling system. If these cables break, then you can expect a faulty AC system and, inevitably, an uncomfortable ride. So as a word of advice, always inspect the quality of your unit's cables and other connections. Also if you're planning to purchase a remanufactured unit, it is a must to pay close attention to these cables. Most remanufactured climate controls have second hand hardware installed onto them. Make sure that they are still in good working condition and that it is properly insulated to ensure efficient connection between your climate control unit and your AC system.

Think about both your budget and needs.

There are many ways to save a few bucks on your climate control units, from buying remanufactured ones to getting an individual part against a complete assembly. But aside from the costs, you also have to think about other factors Remanufactured auto parts are definitely cheaper, but they don't have as long a life as OE manufactured parts. Although individual parts cost a whole lot less, climate control units sold with an assembly offers warranty. Always weigh your options when it comes to price and value. Make sure you purchase a climate control unit based on its long term worth rather than on its short term costs.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Installing a New Climate Control Unit to Maximize Your Riding Comfort

You've checked under your hood and you know your air conditioning system is perfectly fine. You even refilled your Freon just to make sure you've done everything right. But why isn't your air conditioning turning on? The problem is not in your AC, it's in your AC's controls or commonly known as your climate control unit. It only takes a few minutes to replace this part. So if you want to get your AC system working again, replace your climate controls with this easy installation guide.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Socket set
  • New climate control unit


  1. Open your vehicle's hood. Using a socket wrench, remove the negative cable from your battery's cover.
  2. On your dash board, locate your control module. It is found in the center of your dash, just below the radio. It should be there together with your blower controller and the air/heat mixture control. Remove the trim pieces of your climate control module by unfastening the metal retaining clips. These clips are pressed into the holes of your dash. You can remove them by pulling the clips out of the retaining holes.
  3. Your climate control module is secured to your dash by four bolts. Using a socket and ratchet, remove these bolts and completely remove the unit.
  4. Now that you've exposed the module, unplug it from the wiring harness that connects it to your car. Discard the old unit properly and prepare to install your new one.
  5. Take the wiring harness mentioned in Step 3 and plug it to your new climate control unit.
  6. Reinstall the unit into your dash by pushing it in place. Secure the climate control module with the bolts previously removed in step 3.
  7. Reassemble your climate control module's trim pieces by fitting them in between the gaps. Gently push them into the dash to complete your installation.

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