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Clutch Pushrod Bushing

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So you’re heading out. You get into your car, put the keys in the ignition, and switch it on. You then put your foot atop the clutch pedal and give it a little nudge. However, the little nudge you gave it caused it to abnormally go all the way down. The pedal seemed loose and lacking in resistance. Plus, it stayed on the floor instead of propelling itself back up. Naturally, you’re getting a little worried as that most likely doesn’t bode well. You may have to cancel your trip now as you figured that you’ll be busy checking out what’s wrong with your clutch. And upon closer inspection, you find out that the clutch pushrod is, thankfully, in one piece. However, you also found a tiny object lying in there—the clutch pushrod bushing. With that, you’ve come to the conclusion that the broken bushing is the root of the problem. The lack of a functional clutch pushrod bushing is what led to the pushrod itself to loosen up as there’s nothing to hold it properly in its position. The bushing may be small in size, but it definitely is integral to the overall function of the clutch as proven by this situation. You won’t get far without a clutch pushrod bushing, so it’s needless to say that it’s imperative that you should get one as soon as possible.--end--If you need a brand-new clutch pushrod bushing, you won’t need to head out. As long as you ordered it from Auto Parts Warehouse, you can sit comfortably in your computer chair while we ship it directly to your doorstep. It’ll only take a few days before you can get your purchase and start fixing your clutch. At Auto Parts Warehouse, we make shopping for replacement parts convenient and painless. We have a catalog of more than 500,000 of all kinds of automotive products—Auto Parts Warehouse can be your one-stop shop for any and all of your replacement part needs. So whether it’s a bushing, the pushrod itself, or other car parts, you can rest assured that you can find them all here. And we did mention “painless” above, didn’t we? It sure is, especially for your wallet as all of our products are available at low wholesale prices! As our customer, you can enjoy as much as 70% off on regular retail items! Addistionaly, the fast and direct shipping we were talking about earlier is also free, as long as your order totals more than $50. Big savings await you at Auto Parts Warehouse, that’s why you should purchase your brand-new clutch pushrod bushing today!

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