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Collision Warning Device

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Collision Warning Device Products

Automobile design, speed of travel, road design, road surroundings, driving skills, driving behavior, challenging weather conditions, and other factors contribute to the risk of collisions. To help reduce the possibility of car accidents, collision warning systems have been incorporated in automotive manufacturing. In 2009, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started studying whether to make frontal collision warning systems and lane departure warning systems mandatory to all vehicles. A collision warning system, also known as a pre-crash system, is devised to lessen the severity of an accident and promote automobile safety. It uses radar and, at times, laser sensors, to detect an impending crash. Depending on the kind of system, it may warn you, pre-charge your brakes, inflate seats for added support, adjust the passenger seat, properly place head rests to avoid whip lash, tension seat belts, and readily apply partial or full braking to reduce impact. There is a collision warning device that you can get to give you and your passengers much needed safety and protection. This gadget has pedestrian and cyclist detection so you can also ensure the safety of people around your vehicle when you drive. This collision warning system decreases the overall chance of meeting an accident and other related costs. It improves the way you drive for it includes use of turn signals, braking patterns, and headway keeping. It also gives you a tool for training and to evaluate your driving. This device helps you gain a keen sense of your car's position with your lane and with regard to other vehicles. This system functions during the day, as well as during the night. In addition, it operates well under most weather conditions. Equip your automobile with a collision warning device and greatly reduce the risk of driving mishaps. If your vehicle's warning system is malfunctioning, replace it right away.

Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, you can get a highly reliable collision warning device at an affordable price. We have a Mobileye forward collision and lane departure warning system that has all the features you need in a collision warning system. You can also check out our wide variety of innovative parts and accessories that can further enhance your safety and comfort. Order now and get quick and reliable delivery. After you purchase your products, you will receive a tracking number so you can follow the delivery process in real time. Do not delay giving safety and protection to you and your family. Buy a top quality collision warning device right now!

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