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Have you seen some of the job advertisements that employers put out these days? If you examine them thoroughly, you'll see that most of these job vacancies require multitasking. This has become a requirement because it makes an employee more productive, which is a big benefit for the company. But did you know that it's not only people who can multitask? Cars can do as well. A Combination Switch can help them do that. This switch looks just like any other switch found in your vehicle. But don't be deceived. Beyond the façade is a complex assembly of wires and connections. Though it may be similar to other switches in terms of appearance, this particular switch has more intricate functions. Through this single switch, you can already control the high and low beam dimmer, directional turn signal, wipers, hazard warning, and windshield washer fluid. This device makes driving more convenient because it gives you access to several accessories in one switch. However, it requires appropriate maintenance. Failure of one switch may affect the performance of the other switches found in the assembly. That's why you have to ensure that the Combination Switch is in good condition at all times. Installing this part is easy, especially if you purchase a unit that is compatible with your car's make and model. And if you need a replacement, don't hesitate to check out Auto Parts Warehouse. Our online store offers a comprehensive selection of combination switches from renowned manufacturers. To see the perfect component for your vehicle, just browse our electrical accessories catalog.

Buying Guides

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Things to Consider when Buying Replacement Combination Switch

While driving, it’s not just the road that you have to focus on. You also have to be wary of the different control mechanisms that you use in your car. One example of this control mechanism is the combination switch. Sometimes, driving can feel as natural as breathing so you don’t even notice that you are using lots of components to get to your destination. For instance, the combination switch is something that you frequently use. In fact, you use it to control very important components in your car such as the headlights, turn signals, and wipers. The switch combines all three facets of your car into one device and this makes your driving much easier. And since the switch is conveniently located at the back of the steering wheel, it makes your car easy to control. If you are currently plagued by a busted switch in your ride, you’d better find a replacement for the switch right away. Here’s a brief guide about combination switches what you need to know to make the right purchase.


You’ll find several types of combination switches in the market today and they basically differ in terms of features. When choosing, be sure to pick one that matches your preference and needs.


As much as possible, you want to keep the installation job easy and simple. To do this, having a replacement part that fits your vehicle will definitely be helpful. For quick installation, make sure you choose direct fit components, which are designed especially for the make and model of your vehicle. Their universal counterparts may cost a little less, but the time and effort that you’ll be able to save will be well worth it.


Choosing a product with warranty is a no brainer. However, to stay on the safe side, choose a combination switch that comes with a least a one-year warranty.


To make sure that you get a good replacement switch for your busted one, be prepared to spend around $50 to $250. Also, see to it that you only buy from a brand that you can trust to get the most out of your cash.

Repair Guides

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How Replace a Combination Switch

If you’re having a hard time turning on and off your car’s headlights or you can’t seem to change its brightness, you’d better check the combination switch that’s installed in your vehicle. Another symptom that you should watch out for is not being able to activate your turn signal lights. And if your wipers are also controlled by the same switch, you need to check on that as well. A combination switch makes controlling your vehicle’s functions easy and convenient. And thanks to its ideal location in the vehicle, you don’t have to make drastic movements while you drive just to adjust or turn a component on or off. Here’s a quick guide that will teach you how to replace a busted combination switch in your ride. Take note that some of the steps below may not be applicable depending on the car that you own.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things that you’ll need:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Metric wrench set

Step 1: Before you begin, make sure that you remove the negative cable from the battery to avoid any accidents. Also, if your car is equipped with an airbag system, don’t forget to disable it before starting the process.

Step 2: After that, consult your vehicle’s owner manual on how to remove the steering wheel properly.

Step 3: Once you have removed the steering wheel, remove the hard lock release handle, knee protector panel, and the upper and lower column covers.

Step 4: After that, remove the retaining screws of the switch assembly to be able to disconnect its wires.

Step 5: Once you’ve disconnected its wires, take the switch out of its mounting area and start to install the one in place.

Step 6: As soon as it’s mounted on your vehicle, connects its harnesses and clips, making sure that they’re all connected properly.

Step 7: Then, reinstall the column covers, knee protectors, and the other connectors that you removed earlier.

Step 8: Before you reinstall the steering wheel, make sure that the front wheels of your vehicle are facing straight up front.

Step 9: When you’re sure, reinstall the steering wheel and reconnect the negative cable of your car’s battery.

Step 10: Start the engine and test to see if the new combination switch works.

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