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Let's admit it, if you own a convertible then you most probably love looking good on the road. Convertibles are the ultimate status symbols and it's tough for any other vehicle to match the stylish yet sporty look of this vehicle. Rolling around with the top down is best during the spring or the summer when you want to catch some warm rays and feel the wind in your hair. But when you do so, you want to make sure that your ride maintains it sleek look and you can easily do that with a quality convertible top boot. It would come as no surprise if you value physical appearance-hey, you own a convertible-and that's why this component is sure to come in handy. Convertible top boots help ensure that your ride has a finished look even when the top is folded down simply by covering the folded top. These boots come in a number of different materials, all of which are made to endure reasonable amounts of exposure to elements. Most convertible top boots attach in the same spot as the originals, each type providing a certain attachment method (i.e. snap on installation). As time goes by, your stock convertible top boot may give in to wear and tear, fading in color or even breaking. When this happens, it could greatly impede the overall look of your vehicle, making it less pleasant to look at when the top is folded down. In order to remedy this problem and re-establish your ride's stylish look, you should just replace your substandard boot with a brand new one. Brand new replacement convertible top boots are easy to install and should greatly improve your ride's appearance. When buying such an item off the Internet, it's always best to do so with a reliable supplier in order to guarantee quality parts and service.With us, you can bet that every transaction you make with us is worth your time and money. Our comprehensive online catalog boasts the widest selection of grade-A auto parts on the Net. All of our items are made of high-quality, reliable materials and are sourced from only the best aftermarket brands. In order for you to enjoy the most dependable replacement components without having to break the bank, we've tagged all our items with affordable selling prices. We even offer a low price guarantee with many of our top-quality items for even greater bargains. So what are you waiting for; order your new convertible top boot from us now!

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Choosing the Right Convertible Top Boot

Being able to drive with your top up or down gives you the best of both worlds. Isn't it cool to drive down the road with your cover down, your favorite song playing in the background, and wind blowing in your face? Even when you keep the top of your convertible, you must make sure that it's still properly secured to protect it from road dust or flying debris that could possibly damage the cover. What you need to get is a convertible top boot.

What to consider when buying a convertible top boot

  1. Flexibility: When buying a convertible top boot, you have to think about its flexibility. Perhaps, buying one made from vinyl is better than a hard cover. With a vinyl top boot, it can give your top maximum protection from dust and flying debris on the road. Of course, you also have to ensure its durability so that it won't easily wear out.
  2. Color: You're free to decide what color you want to have for your convertible boot top. Just be sure that it complements the shade of your convertible. Perhaps, go with a universal color such as black.
  3. Make and model: Before buying a convertible top boot, you must know the specific make and model of your car to be able to get custom fit. An ill-fitting boot will not only provide your car with decent protection, it will also make your ride look bad.

Durability vs. style

Convertible top boots come in different colors that you can choose from. Black, red, brown, or any color of your choice, you certainly have the option to mix and match. However, you also have to consider the durability of the top boot. What's the purpose of buying one just for the sole purpose of styling when it can't give your top the protection that it deserves? So before buying, think which is more important to you: durability or style? However, there are manufacturers who create convertible top boots that have both. All you have to do is choose brands wisely. Good luck!

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