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Crank Position Sensor

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Modern cars depend on their built-in sensors for some of their basic operations and for achieving maximum road performance. One of the important sensors that a car has is the Crank Position Sensor. The crankshaft sensor is a pick-up coil type sensor that is composed of a permanent magnet, yoke, and coil. The toothed disk of the sensor makes pulses by passing through the magnetic field generated by the coil. The sequence of pulses is used by your vehicle's on-board computer to interpret the spinning rate of the crankshaft and to calculate the speed of the engine. The crank's rotational speed and engine RPM are important factors in many vehicular processes, including ignition timing control. However, given the location of the sensor, it is constantly exposed to extreme heat under the hood. Fluids such as oil that leak into the sensor can also hamper its performance. Plus, like all components, this sensor is also susceptible to wear and tear caused by constant use. When the components of the sensor start to fail, the best thing to do is to replace the whole sensor. You won't have a hard time locating a replacement because there are many replacement crankshaft position sensors on the market these days. To be sure that you're getting your money's worth, get a Crank Position Sensor right here at Auto Parts Warehouse! We've got top-quality sensors made by some of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry—and we make sure your purchase is accompanied by big savings.