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Crankcase Vent Hose

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It is fairly common for exhaust gases and some unburned fuel to leak into the crankcase from the piston rings. But if more blow-by gases collect around the crankcase for too long, the oil can lose its lubricating ability and some engine parts may rust. The ventilation system then comes to the rescue by expelling fumes and unburned fuel, as it induces fresh air from the filter through the crankcase vent hose. Unfortunately, the ventilation system can only handle enough blow-by. So if the hose connections are weakening, there will be leaks and fresh air may escape through the holes. At once, have those crankcase vent hose connections checked for any sign of blockage or cracks. See if they're properly plugged into the clamps. For leaking hoses, you can easily patch them up or use a seal-but, you bet, this quick fix won't last too long! The best thing to do here is to buy direct-fit crankcase vent hose replacements from Auto Parts Warehouse. These new hoses can be easily attached to the air cleaner/filter and are guaranteed to last since the vent tubes are made from high-quality materials. If quality is number one in your list, we offer you the best finds at incredibly low prices. Order from us now!