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Just imagine being exposed to high-pressure gases, heat, and fuel ignition, and you can say that the crankshaft can suffer a great deal! If the crankshaft has any broken part-a worn pulley, gear, sensor, or seal-expect some engine trouble such as rough idling, power loss, poor emissions performance, misfiring, and problems when accelerating. For a new crankshaft repair sleeve or any needed replacement part for the crankshaft, you can go to Auto Parts Warehouse and save yourself the trouble. We have high-quality auto components for repair and maintenance. Our crankshaft repair sleeves are designed for direct fitting, which means they can easily be flushed with the crankshaft flange. We also have sleeves for front and rear applications. Made of materials that can resist high levels of pressure and heat, as well as other harsh elements from a running engine, the sleeves are sure to be a perfect match to your replacement or installation needs. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, hassle-free shopping is our guarantee. Do a quick search by vehicle or part, and let our customer care specialists help you with your shopping needs. Buy a new crankshaft repair sleeve from us, so you'll never have to waste time and money to get everything fixed on time!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Crankshaft Repair Sleeve

Gone are the days when the only solution to crankshaft wear is either to replace the crankshaft or remachine its surface. With the crankshaft repair sleeve, you now have a way to smoothen out the crankshaft’s sealing surface. Because proper crankshaft seal can be achieved, oil leak in the grooves or seal wear track can be prevented.

If it’s now time for you to get a crankshaft sleeve, here are the factors you should consider to be able to find a unit that doesn’t just meet your needs but also offers the best value:

Size of crankshaft repair sleeve

The sleeve won’t be effective if it isn’t fitted snugly on the shaft. To get the right size of sleeve, you have to measure the diameter, not of the shaft, but the area where the sleeve will be installed, which is on the shaft’s unworn part. To be sure that the shaft is still within the recommended specs, you have to measure in three different positions and get the average of the three measurements you’ve gathered.

If the average is not exact but still falls within the range of a particular sleeve size, there’s no need for you to worry because the sleeve has enough press fit to keep it from spinning or sliding even without using an adhesive.

Ease of installation/removal

The crankshaft repair sleeve is basically installed using an installation tool, so you can just base your choice on how easy it is to remove when it’s time to replace it. Some sleeves can be taken out of the crankshaft by simply applying heat to the sleeve using an electric heat blower. Heat causes the sleeve to expand just enough to let it slide off the shaft without damaging it.

Other sleeves can be removed from the shaft by gently tapping the full width of the sleeve using a small hammer. Doing so will release the sleeve’s press-fit tension. You can also use a cold chisel or a pair of wire cutters to make a cut near the flange and apply a twisting motion until the sleeve is removed.


It is always wise to get a crankshaft repair sleeve that comes with good warranty coverage as it will protect you against factory defects that may just come up once the product has been in use. Crankshaft repair sleeves can be offered with the industry-standard 90-day warranty up to 1-year manufacturer limited warranty.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY: Crankshaft Repair Sleeve Installation

A crankshaft repair sleeve comes in handy when the wear on the shaft is so severe to a point that it can cause oil leaks even if a new seal is installed. Thanks to the repair sleeve, you no longer need to carry out the old practice of replacing the crankshaft or remachining its surface just to solve such problem.

If you’re thinking of doing the job by yourself, here’s how to do it properly:

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you’ll need:

  • Shop rag
  • Lubricant
  • Side cutters
  • Small mallet
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Non-hardening sealant
  • Powdered metal epoxy filler
  • Crankshaft repair sleeve installation tool

Step 1: With a shop rag, clean the area where the seal and the shaft meet. Rough spots should be filed down and polished.

Step 2: Using a ruler or a tape measure, get the shaft diameter, starting and ending where the crankshaft repair sleeve will be installed. It’s wise to position the sleeve in the area of the shaft that isn’t worn. Measure in three positions. If the average diameter you’ve obtained is within the range of available sleeve sizes, you need not use cement or adhesive to hold the sleeve in place and prevent it from sliding or turning.

Step 3: Decide where the sleeve must be positioned to conceal the wear track created by the old seal. Measure the exact location and mark the area. Make sure the sleeve will be positioned over the worn area to prevent leaks.

Step 4: Wear grooves that are shallow and almost negligible can be ignored, but you can choose to put a light layer of non-hardening sealant on the sleeve’s inner surface. Wipe off sealant that gets into the shaft or the outside diameter surface of the sleeve.

Step 5: Pay attention to the shaft. If it is deeply scored, you will need to fill the groove with a powdered epoxy type of filler. Make sure to put on the sleeve before the filler gets hard. Get rid of the excess filler from the outside diameter surface of the crankshaft repair sleeve.

Step 6: Position the sleeve’s flange end on the shaft and put the installation tool over the sleeve. With a small mallet, gently tap the center of the installation tool until the worn surface has been covered by the sleeve.

Step 7: Unless clearance is needed, leave the sleeve’s flange intact. Lubricate the sleeve with the recommended lubricant for the system, and then install the seal.

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