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Cruise Control Amplifier

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Broom, broom, broom! Has your cruise control system been acting up again? Check the cruise control amplifier, actuator, and the switch. If it's a broken amp, then it can spell a lot of trouble for the cruise control system. The amp opens and closes that throttle based on road speed, so with a busted amplifier, you'll have to think twice before speeding up on the freeway. In most cases, a busted cruise control amplifier is often the result of damage on the soldered points. This is because, after a few years, the soldered points may crack. You may go for a new or remanufactured amp. No matter what you prefer, Auto Parts Warehouse sells only high-quality auto parts from reputable brands. The amplifiers are built using the same specs as the original components, and they can be easily attached to the rest of the cruise control system. This way, you can expect better handling and speed control. You can also get up to one-year/12,000-mile warranties for the amp replacements you'll buy from us. So why don't you let our customer reps help you with your car part needs? Shop with Auto Parts Warehouse today, and enjoy secure shipping and payment schemes, along with fast delivery!

Repair Guides
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Date Published:

Cruise Control Amplifier: DIY Repair

The cruise control amplifier is one of the most important parts of the vehicle's cruise control system. Without this amplifier, there's no way that the cruise control would function properly. When the cruise control amplifier begins to show signs of malfunction, you can actually repair it. To know how, just follow the instructions that are discussed below.

Difficulty level:Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Ammeter
  • 2-amp battery charger
  • Varnish remover
  • Air compressor
  • Soldering gun

Step 1: Test the cruise control actuator to know if it's working properly. To this, you must find the actuator inside the engine bay.

Step 2: Using an ammeter and a two-amp battery charger, connect the positive probe to PIN 4 and the negative one to PIN 5. The current should be between 120mA and 160mA. At this point, the cruise control actuator must be creating a spinning sound.

Step 3: If the reading in the cruise control actuator of your vehicle is within the 120mA-160mA range, then you can proceed to repairing the cruise control amplifier. If not, you have to replace the actuator first because it can damage the cruise control amplifier.

Step 4: Using the battery charger, tap the positive probe to PIN 7 while maintaining the ground on PIN 6. If you hear a clicking sound while doing this, then the solenoid in the cruise control actuator is working properly.

Step 5: Check the cruise control amplifier of your vehicle. If it doesn't have black spots (an indication of burning), then there's a good chance that you can still restore it.

Step 6: Using a varnish remover, clean the back part of your vehicle's cruise control amplifier.

Step 7: Dry the cruise control amplifier by using an air compressor.

Step 8: Re-solder the points of the cruise control amplifier using a soldering gun. Never solder for more than 10 seconds because the chips are sensitive to heat.