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Select your Cup Holder vehicle from the list below.

Cup Holder Products

Need a hit of coffee to get you through every morning, even on the road? That's not a problem when you have a cup holder on board. No need to suffer through the 7 am rush hour and traffic gridlock without your daily dose of caffeine. Having this handy piece of auto accessory will make it easy for you to enjoy your macchiato or latte-or if you take it dark or prefer chocolate-just dump the mix in the cup with hot water and you're ready to go. Then when you hit traffic, take it out, and enjoy the scent and taste of your morning poison while you navigate narrow spaces and deal with less than pleasant drivers. So for cup holders, Auto Parts Warehouse offers you a number of picks. Look through our catalog and get it in the color you want. Match it to your interior color scheme or just pick it out in your favorite shade. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a safe and secure shopping environment for you. Just read through our Privacy policy for more on that. We also have a low price guarantee. So you get deals on nearly all of the parts we offer. For cup holders and other auto parts, shop with us now!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Three Things to Consider When Buying a Cup Holder

A pleasurable driving experience involves indulging in your favorite drinks while being on the go. That is why having a built-in cup holder in your vehicle brings not just convenience but also tummy delight. While choosing the best drink might be difficult, getting the right cup holder for your vehicle is rather easy.

Cup holder size

The first factor to consider in selecting an automotive cup holder is its size. Know your car's specs, specifically its cup holder size, to get the right cup holder to fit your vehicle. You can try purchasing a cup holder directly from your car's manufacturer, like Ford for example, to be assured that it will fit your auto. However, dealer cup holders can be pricey, with prices ranging from $5 to $24.98 each for Ford Escape vehicles.

If you're following a strict budget, then an aftermarket cup holder would be your best bet. Since most aftermarket parts are either universal or of OEM quality, getting a direct fit cup holder for your car is not that difficult. Always compare your vehicle's specs with the aftermarket cup holders available to avoid buying an incompatible one.

Material used

Two commonly used materials for cup holders are plastic and nylon. Choosing which material would suit your vehicle depends on your preference. If you want to have a cup holder that's molded to fit your stock interior parts, then your bet would be a cup holder made of plastic. Aside from being a direct fit, it's also easy to install.

On the other hand, if you need added features like heat or cool retention, then go for a cup holder made of nylon. It comes with a special foam insulation that keeps your drink cool. With nylon cup holders, you also get to enjoy various drinks as it accommodates different cup and bottle sizes.

Trusted brands

With the right brand, you're confident that your cup holder?s quality would be above standard and that its life span would be longer than standard ones. Among the top names in aftermarket products, Dorman and Rampage guarantee high-quality cup holders for a wide variety of vehicle brands. In addition to their OE-quality cup holders, Dorman's and Rampage's prices are also budget-friendly. An OE cup holder from Dorman only costs around $8.26, while Rampage offers cup holders at $14.80 per pair.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Replace Your Vehicle's Cup Holder

The convenience of driving your own Mercedes Benz goes beyond hassle-free travel. It also encompasses the luxury of having a sip of your favorite coffee in the morning, while in the middle of traffic jams. It's made possible by a part we call the cup holder. However, cup holders don't last a lifetime. When your cup holder cracks or breaks, replacing them can be done using a few simple tools and in a short period of time. Change your Benz's cup holder in 6 easy steps:

Difficulty level: Easy

Things you'll need:

  • Car's manual
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Get a new cup holder only from an authorized Mercedes Benz dealer in order to avoid buying an incompatible one. Make sure that you've checked either your car's manual for your vehicle's specs, or your car's dash for your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Step 2: Start with removing your console cup holder. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the cup holder off the vehicle. If it's screwed into the car, remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3: With the screws removed, you can now pull the console off your Benz. Then, look for the tab underneath the cup holder and push it down using the handle of the screwdriver. This will loosen the tab and the cup holder, allowing you to detach it completely.

Step 4: Once removed, you can now insert the new cup holder exactly where the old one used to be. Press the tab firmly into place and listen for a snap sound, indicating that the tab has been reinstalled correctly.

Step 5: Return your Benz' console to its original position either by pushing it into place or by using a Phillips screwdriver to secure it tightly.

Step 6: Proceed with your dashboard's cup holder. Repeat steps 1 to 5 until the new cup holder is secured into place.

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