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CV Joint Grease

We have 8 Items for CV Joint Grease In-stock.

An excellent tip that's usually ignored by many drivers when keeping your car in good shape is to ensure that all components under the hood are well lubricated. These of course include the CV joint, an essential part that securely connects the transaxles, axles, and wheels. Thanks to this joint, driving your car into the right direction is easy. To be able to do such an important job, it requires generous amounts of CV joint grease. This product is specially designed to reduce friction between the CV joint and the different suspension components it links while being able to withstand regular exposure to extreme heat. It's stored inside the CV joint boot, a part that's usually made of high-grade rubber. However, over time, the boot can crack or wear out. This can then lead to a leak, depriving the CV joint of that much needed lubrication. If your car's suspension is showing signs of grease leak, get your hands on a tube or bottle of top-grade grease as soon as possible. Always remember that a poorly lubricated CV joint can prematurely wear out other suspension parts, so better address this issue right away to prevent unnecessary repairs and expenses. With all the other expenses you have to think about, you need to be a smart car owner and deal with minor repairs ASAP so as to prevent the problems from causing more car damage.

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