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Cylinder Head Bolt Washer

We have 13 Items for Cylinder Head Bolt Washer In-stock.

there's no doubt that your car's cylinder head bolts play an important role in fastening the cylinder heads. To make sure that they won't fail however, it's important that they're equipped with a high-quality Cylinder Head Bolt Washer. If you're looking for one, then it's time for you to get it right here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our store's Cylinder Head Bolt Washer is made of heat-treated steel, which makes it really tough against all kinds of elements. To protect it from corrosion, it also boasts of a slick black oxide finish. Without a doubt, our cylinder head bolt washers are better than everything that is sold on the market today. Our store, Auto Parts Warehouse now offers various Cylinder Head Bolt Washer brands at the most affordable prices. To get them, all you have to do is explore our store and place your order right away. Auto Parts Warehouse is all about giving you superb customer service anytime. Apart from that, it also provides you with a tracking service that enables you to track your purchase online. If you want to enjoy what world-class customer service is all about, then don't hesitate to shop here at our store anytime.

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Date Published:

Dos and Don'ts When Buying a Cylinder Head Bolt Washer

In almost all types of applications, a washer is used to support a threaded fastener like a screw or a bolt. It also helps to distribute the fastener's load. You can find a good example of this in the cylinder head of your car where cylinder head bolt washer is located. This article will tell you the some tips when finding a good washer replacement.


  • Determine the diameter of the cylinder bolt in your engine before you look for a washer. When you're already done with that, compare it with the measurement of the washer you want. There are aftermarket manufacturers that specify the measurements and other information like car type and year so you would know if it's applicable. Just make sure that the washer will fit around the shaft up to head of the bolt.
  • Choose flat round washers for your cylinder head bolt. This is the most common type used. You should also choose a washer made from stainless steel material. It can withstand the amount of load and the increase in temperature as well.
  • Buy a washer set if you will replace only the washers of your cylinder head bolts. However, if you want to replace the head bolts and the washers, then look for a cylinder head bolt set because the washers are already included.
  • Make sure to buy the right quantity of washers. You will need to use two or more washers if you want to adjust the height of the cylinder head bolt.


  • DO NOT purchase low-quality, replacement cylinder head bolt washers. It will only limit the capacity of the bolts, and may affect the performance of the bolts and the gasket.
  • DO NOT use washers of different sizes if you ran out of stock. Go find a new set of washers with the same size.
Repair Guides
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Date Published:

Replace Your Cylinder Head Bolt Washer in Only Seven Steps

A washer that's already chipped or deformed wouldn't give the right amount of support to a bolt. If you have already checked the cylinder head bolt washers in your engine and saw the same results, then it's time to replace them all. Get your car and tools ready, this guide will show you how to replace the cylinder head bolt washers in your car in just a few steps.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Bottoming tap
  • Motor oil
  • Air compressor and blower
  • Clean rag
  • Socket wrench set
  • New cylinder head bolt washers

Step 1: Check your working location. Make sure it's clean, and the surface is level. Engage the emergency brake of your car before you start.

Step 2: Pop the hood of your car, and locate the cylinder head bolts on top of the cylinder head. Loosen the bolts using the wrench and the right size of socket. Start from the bolt in front of the engine block's driver side, and then move to the farthest bolt on the passenger's side. Do this sequence for the rest of the bolts until you have finished all. Remove the bolts in the same sequence afterwards and include the washers as well.

Step 3: Clean the holes using a bottoming tap to loosen dirt and debris on the threads. Use the air compressor and blower to thoroughly remove the dirt from holes, and wipe each hole using the clean rag.

Step 4: Remove the old cylinder head bolt washers from the bolts, and fit in the new ones. Remember to discard the old washers properly. You can use a motor oil to lubricate the regular bolts and the washers before you fit them back in place.

Step 5: Fit the bolts and tighten them, but do not screw them deep. Follow the proper procedure when you are tightening the bolts. You can refer to your car owner's manual to see the recommended torque and the correct sequence for the bolts.

Step 6: Check each bolt if the recommended torque has been applied. Remember that this part is very important. Adjust the bolts if you failed to apply the right amount of torque.

Step 7: Close the hood of your car, and start the engine. Observe the sound of the engine if the bolts and washers have been installed correctly.

Installation tip:

  • When adjusting the toque for each bolt, you can set a torque-to-angle indicator to know the specified angle and the final stretching point of the bolt.