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Building a Street-Ruling Daewoo Lanos

If Daewoos are known for anything, it's simplicity of design and its easy-to-modify nature. And few are more popular in this regard than the Lanos. This versatile model is extremely popular across the world because it is cheap and everything from the engine to the exterior look can be tricked out to give you a performance boost. This an example of one project that anyone can undertake.

Skin deep

Like most vehicles, the Daewoo Lanos is capable of handling a full body kit-and one geared for sports, at that. In most cases, these kits are purely aesthetic. With the Lanos, it combine with the svelte form of this Korean car to confer some performance boosts.

Under the hood

One of the more popular engine upgrades that can be applied to the Lanos is the Opel C20LET 2.0 16V Turbo engine. Note that this is just a small step up from the basic 1.5 that it sports. That's because the lighter frame of the Lanos makes it easier to pull around. No need for costly V8s here!

Bulking up

When it comes to performance boosts, the frame of the Daewoo Lanos once more works to its advantage. We've tried installing Eibach Pro kit springs, balanced out with some KYB Excell-G shock absorbers, and rounded out with a custom lower strut bar. The Lanos took these all in and handled like a charm!

What we tried pointing out here is that you can basically set up a Daewoo Lanos like you would those popular street-racing Hondas and Toyotas with the one great advantage of significantly reduced cost! That's the beauty of this underappreciated Korean car!

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Daewoo: The Perks of Staying in Second Place

Being sandwiched between Hyundai at the top and Kia below made it very hard for Daewoo to stand out. Hyundai was clearly known as the best and Kia commanded the economical car niche, Daewoo seemed lost in limbo. What was Daewoo to do?

When Daewoo opened up to the American market, one of the things that contributed to its success was the fact that, while it was nearly as economical as a Kia, it was far better built. As soon as consumers started to notice the Lanos, the Nubira, the Leganza, and the Alpheon, reviews started coming in that praised two key elements: ease of repair and comfort.

The all-arounder

A lot of people claimed that Daewoos were inferior, but the truth was that they were innovative in the sheer simplicity of the design sensibilities and internal components. That meant that parts were available almost everywhere in the United States-even for the much older iterations of their vehicle line. As a bonus, that simplicity also came with one amazing advantage-great fuel economy! Even today, with so many older Daewoos out there, owners can still find a dealership that has exactly what they want!

The comfort king

More than just fuel economy, however, Daewoo's vehicles were also marked by the great interior comfort. Many customers enthuse that to ride in one in bad traffic is not so stressful because they boast of extremely comfortable seating, reliable air conditioning, and even beautiful wood paneling inside the cabin. It wasn't something done out of expensive extravagance or-worse-as an afterthought, Daewoo did it simplest and brought to the driving public the first truly affordable comfort.

Innovating affordability

In a sense, you see, what Daewoo did better than all other car manufacturers was to find the perfect balance of all the elements that make a car greatly loved, if not popular. In doing so, it found itself in the unique position of being that care that people turned to when they wanted something simpler, affordable, and to save them a lot of gas. So much so that, in America, many a "first" ride is an affordable Daewoo.

Daewoo Trivia

We Bet You Didn't Know

  • Daewoo founder Kim Woo-jung was the sole provider for his family at a very young age. He earned his keep delivering newspapers around pre-World War II Seoul.
  • Daewoo arms much of South Korea's military. Before being a known carmaker, it was focused on small arms manufacture. It produces licensed weapons like the M1911, and it also has its own designs!
  • Daewoo held the first eBay charity car auction in 2004. It also donated over 100 of its Tacuma multi-purpose cars to NCH, a UK children

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