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Impact and shock absorption is definitely not an easy task. So aside from the standard shock absorbers, suspension systems are also equipped with a damper plate. Located just behind the wheels, a damper is a crucial, high-friction, spring-like component that resists or ‘dampens’ movement in your car’s suspension system. This part is often mistaken as a shock absorber, but it functions quite differently from its more popular brother. When your vehicle hits a road bump, the shock spring absorbs the impact. However, after this initial shock, a great percentage of the energy remains jammed inside the spring’s body. Such energy is trapped with no means of escape, so the spring continues to move up and down like a ball. Without a damper plate, your car’s body will move along with the spring, and this motion can greatly affect ride quality. By converting the energy trapped inside the spring into a more useful form of thermal energy, the damper stops the up and down movement immediately. This part is actually just an oil-filled metal cylinder equipped with a rod that’s connected to a piston. One side of the rod is attached to the vehicle, while the other is linked to the suspension system. Any damage on this part must be immediately addressed to avoid decreased ride quality and poor handling.--end--Now that you know the importance of a damper plate, the next step is finding the best place where you can get it at an affordable price. Well, you can stop your search right here. When it comes to budget-friendly automotive solutions, Auto Parts Warehouse has your needs covered. Our website has an extensive selection of over two million reasonably priced parts, accessories, devices, and tools. Everything we have in stock is marked with a low price guarantee that allows you to save more cash and get the best value for your money. So why search elsewhere when you can get great deals and big discounts right here? Aside from our broad inventory and competitive pricing, we also have plenty of other features that will make your online shopping experience more convenient. Our website's part finder feature will help you quickly find the right damper plate replacement for your ride, and our user-friendly interface allows you to go through the order process without any difficulty. Both features are designed to help save time and energy. And if all these are not enough, we'll even throw in a free shipping service for orders worth $50 and above! Great deal, right? So start clicking away to order now!

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