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If you think that your car's dashboard is the only thing that can be damaged by exposure to the heat of the sun, then you have it all wrong. Aside from your dashboard, your car's rear deck is also exposed to sunlight all day long. Because of this, it's really important that you keep it protected by using a dependable Deck Cover. When it comes to high-quality deck covers though, Auto Parts Warehouse should be your only option. Our store's Deck Cover is tailor-made to fit your car regardless of your make or model. That being said, you can be sure that harmful UV rays will never damage it. Our deck covers are made of heavyweight polyester, which makes them resistant to all kinds of elements. Aside from toughness, their superb style will also last because they were treated with a fade-resistant solution. For a Deck Cover that will stand the test of time, shop only here at our store, Auto Parts Warehouse. Our store's low price guarantee gives you the chance to save money while getting the best auto parts and accessories at the same time. With its easy-to-use interface, you will never have any trouble shopping at all. For a complete protection to your ride's rear deck, get the best deck covers here at our store today.

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Deck-orate the Cover

It's inevitable to forget about the back of the car. You might think that the front deck is the only part that gets hit by sunlight and needs to be covered. However, don't forget that the back also gets hit directly by the morning or afternoon sun. To protect your rear deck, read this guide to find out what kind of deck cover you want to buy for your vehicle.


  1. Poly-Carpet: This type of deck cover is the most common material for covering. It's attractive yet gives durable protection. It also provides great UV protection and helps reduce reflections and glare.
  2. Suede: If you want flawless fit in your vehicle, then the suede type is the one for you. The suede finish works well with your speakers, brake lights, and other accessories won't slide around. It also gives your car that luxurious feel.
  3. Velour: This kind of deck cover is custom computer-aided that its designs ensure a perfect fit with great coverage and protection. It won't even block the speakers and the brake light. With this special kind of material, you also add a luxurious finish to the interiors of your automobile.


  • You have to thoroughly think about what material you're going to purchase because you have to consider how you're going to clean it. Some may need to be vacuumed, while others need to be dry-cleaned.
  • Choose the right color. Since the deck cover is directly hit by sunlight, it would be inevitable for the color to fade in due time. It's best to get a color that's light. But if you really want to match the deck cover with the interiors of your car, you may always do so.
  • Make sure you purchase from a reputable seller. There are other brands that require you to cut the deck covers to be able to fit your car. Buy from an established brand especially since they would provide you with custom fit.
  • Look for one that's fit to your make and model because different cars have different rear decks. So when choosing a deck cover, you'd want to make sure that it fits perfectly and is made for your automobile.

With these tips and considerations, you'll surely be able to decide as to what kind of deck cover you need. Good luck!

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