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Defroster Hose

We have 9 Items for Defroster Hose In-stock.

Keeping your heater’s components in tiptop shape, especially during the coldest season of the year, is a must. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a frozen day on the road. One of the parts of the heater that should be replaced regularly is the defroster hose, a duct that allows hot coolant to go in and out of the heater core so that warmth is generated in your car’s interior. The sad truth about this hose is that, over time, it becomes excessively brittle, hard, mushy, or swollen. The result? Coolant will leak, which means the heater may not generate enough heat to keep the cabin warm. As soon as you can, replace that broken hose. If you’re a DIYer, changing the hose is just a piece of cake. You just have to remove the hose clamps that are tightened on that old hose. Using the right tool, carefully scrape off the fittings and apply a gasket sealant to make sure that the new defroster hose is tightly sealed. Sliding the clamps onto the new hose should be carefully done; make sure that the lid of the hose fits the clamps perfectly. Once you’re done, you now have a newly installed hose for your car’s heater to work well.--end--Buy a new defroster hose to fix the heater trouble and keep yourself warm in your ride during the cold days of winter. Auto Parts Warehouse is the online retailer you’re looking for when it comes to high-quality car parts and accessories. Our products come only from notable manufacturers that comply with high manufacturing standards. More than that, our prices are also kept low to give you the best deals possible. Well, have you heard about our Price Match Guarantee? This is how it works: if you find better deals from other stores, we’ll offer a price match or try to give you something better. As for your shopping convenience, we have a highly efficient part-finding tool, so you can find the specific product you’re looking for in just seconds. Take your pick from these convenient payment options: PayPal, Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, BillMeLater, or Google Checkout. Once you’re done with your shopping, just wait for your product to be shipped right to your doorstep. You can even enjoy free shipping if your order amounts to $50 or more. With a brand-new defroster hose from Auto Parts Warehouse, you can count on your heater to keep the cabin warm and comfy!