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Diesel Fuel Heating Element

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Have you ever heard of gelling? If you have a diesel engine in your vehicle, chances are you’ve heard about this term in relation to diesel fuel. Unlike gasoline, diesel can behave poorly when exposed to cold temperature—it can transform into a gel-like element. And when it does, it is unable to flow freely. Because of this, diesel has to be heated to maintain it in its original form. Diesel fuel filters usually contain a diesel fuel heating element to do the job. Aside from preventing the occurrence of gelling, the said element also dissolves ice and paraffin wax crystals that form during cold temperatures. These particles can clog the fuel filter and cause problems with fuel flow. Therefore, it is very important for them to be dissolved. Most heating elements work the same way, although they may differ in terms of their source of heat. Some elements use the hot coolant as their source in heating diesel fuel while others are operated electrically. No matter what type of element you have in your car, it’s important that you maintain it in tiptop condition to ensure the efficient flow of diesel fuel into your engine. The use of the right diesel fuel heating element will also prevent pre-detonation during the combustion process.--end--So, is it time to replace the heating element that you have in your car’s fuel filter housing? Have you been noticing signs of fuel gelling in your auto? Has your vehicle’s performance suddenly dropped? If you are starting to experience driving problems, and you have traced the culprit to the fuel heating element, it might be time you discard it and get a new component. Find a high-quality replacement diesel fuel heating element only here at Auto Parts Warehouse! Our parts are not only top in quality but are also offered at competitive rates. In fact, our rates are the lowest in the market today! Feeling doubtful about this claim? Well, try our Low Price Guarantee! When you find a similar part from another provider that’s offered at a cheaper rate, we’ll match or beat that price to prove our commitment! We can also offer you free shipping if your order reaches $50 or more! Excited about all these? Well, we are, too! Prevent diesel fuel problems in your vehicle now by getting a new diesel fuel heating element! Shop only here at Auto Parts Warehouse and enjoy great quality and low prices!