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Differential Case Products

If you have always worried about damage that is done on your car's differential, then it's time for you to get a top-caliber Differential Case right now. With a reliable case, your ride's differential is protected from all kinds of elements. Since it's protected always, there's no way that the differential will wear out prematurely. Meanwhile, getting a Differential Case that will hold up for years is a lot tougher than you think. that's because many run-of-the-mill stores offer replacement differential cases that simply won't last. Now, if you want replacement differential cases that you can trust, then you'd better get them right here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Here at our store, our differential cases are made of well-designed, reliable steel. That being said, you can be sure that they won't get damaged easily. When it comes to installation, you can always refer to their service manual, and you'll be able to finish mounting them in place in a jiffy. Without a doubt, our store's differential cases are the best replacements that you can find on the market today. At Auto Parts Warehouse, you can shop anytime you want and our delivery team will take care of all your needs. Just place your order and we will make sure that you will experience top-caliber customer service. If you want to get the most out of your money, choose only Auto Parts Warehouse for your DIY car repair needs.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Differential Case: Dos and Don'ts of Buying One

Is your vehicle always experiencing drivetrain problems? If it is, then you should consider checking the differential case for cracks and other kinds of damages. Typically made from high-quality materials this case is installed on your vehicle to ensure that the differential won't get damaged. However, despite its durability, this part eventually breaks due to constant exposure to corrosion-causing materials. Once this happens, handling will be compromised because the differential will get damaged. To avoid problems in the future, you should buy a high-quality replacement case. Here are some of the dos and don'ts that you need to consider when choosing a differential case.


  • Buy the right type of differential case for your car. If you own a two- or four-door sedan with a 144 cubic-inch (CID) engine displacement, then you need a two-window type differential case. For other types of vehicles, you can use the one-window or two-piece case.
  • Check if the replacement case you're going to buy is sold by itself or with other parts. If you are fond of DIY projects, then you should consider buying a differential case that is sold in a kit. This is because a case kit comes with all the parts that you'll need, so you won't make return trips to the car parts store for those itty-bitty parts.


  • Don't buy a replacement differential case that's too cheap. More often than not, ultra-cheap parts are made from substandard materials because manufacturers are trying to cut production cost. So even if you want to save money by buying an inexpensive part, you'll just end up spending more because of unexpected repair and replacements.
  • Don't buy from a brand that doesn't offer a warranty plan. If you'll browse a car parts catalog, you'll notice that some brands offer warranty plans while others do not. Getting a product that is covered by warranty is very important because it certifies that the part doesn't have any flaws. But in case you notice defects, you can return the part to the manufacturer so it can be replaced or repaired for free.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

How to Set Up a Differential Case

Differentials are a set of moving gears underneath the car that manage the movement of the wheels. Since they are always in constant motion, it is only a matter of time until one of the components break. One such component is the differential case, which, like the name suggests, houses a number of gears inside it. Setting up a new differential case is both a complex and time consuming process and should only be attempted by experts.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Things needed:

  • Punch Pin
  • Hammer
  • Differential case
  • Side gears
  • Side gear washers
  • Differential pinions
  • Differential pinion shaft
  • Straight Pin
  • Bolts
  • Water Heater
  • Socket Wrench
  • Protective Gloves

Assembly of the differential gears in the differential case

Step 1:Attach the side gear washers into the side gears.

Step 2: Install the side gear differential thrust washers, differential pinions, and the side gears into the differential case. If you're having difficulty putting in some of the pieces, move the gears around a little before trying again.

Step 3: Install the No. 1 differential pinion shaft to the differential case. Make sure that the differential pinion shaft's hole for the straight pin is aligned to the hole of the differential case. This will allow you to accommodate the straight pin.

Step 4: Insert the straight pin through the hole in the differential case and the through the hole of the differential pinion shaft using the pin punch and hammer to do so.

Step 5: Stake the differential case hole with a chisel and hammer.

Installing the ring gear to the differential case

Step 1: Put the ring gear in boiling water. This will heat up the gear and make it expand.

Step 2: Put the ring gear in boiling water. This will heat up the gear and make it expand.

Step 3: Take the ring gear out of the water carefully and quickly wipe away all moisture.

Step 4: Install the ring gear to the differential case making sure to align the match marks. Work quickly before the ring gear cools down and shrinks.

Step 5: Put in the bolts and locks plates without tightening them. Let the ring gear cool down for about 30 minutes to let it shrink and lock into place.

Step 6: Tighten the bolts with a socket wrench after the ring gear has cooled down.

Step 7: Install the drive gear to the differential case.


Wear protective gloves when heating up the ring gear to prevent any burn injury.

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