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Differential Rebuild Kit

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Differential Rebuild Kit Products

Damaged differential? Well, there's no need to push the panic button at all. that's because here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we offer you a reliable Differential Rebuild Kit so that you can fix the damage right away. The entire kit contains nuts, seals, bearings, bearing cups, and an installation guide. With everything you need already included in one nifty kit, there's no need for you to buy the individual components elsewhere. Without a doubt, Auto Parts Warehouse is the best online store if you're looking for reliable differential rebuild kits. Her at our store, we deliver hard-to-find parts and with our 24/7 customer service, we're always available to give you assistance. Auto Parts Warehouse now offers a low-price guarantee, which means our Differential Rebuild Kit is the cheapest on the market today. If you find something that's cheaper, then we'll deliver our product for free. Without a doubt, Auto Parts Warehouse is the only store that counts if you're looking for the most affordable and reliable Differential Rebuild Kit. To order, simply browse our catalog, choose a product, and click away. We guarantee that we'll deliver your brand new rebuild kit right away. Shop here today and enjoy our amazing discounts!

Buying Guides

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Tips on Buying a Differential Rebuild Kit

A car's differential is constantly under stress, so it's no surprise that eventually its gears will wear out. And once those gears give out, the differential has to be rebuilt to prevent additional damage to your vehicle. Differential rebuild kits are meant for such a purpose, containing all the necessary components to restore a car's differential back into working order.

Choosing the right kit

While all rebuild kits are meant to get your car's differential up and running again, they are not designed equally. Some kits, for example, cater to the budget-conscious while others focus more on performance than on price. And finding the most suitable kit for your needs is essential to ensuring that you'll get what you need without overspending.

Different manufacturers offer different rebuild kit packages, although they can roughly be categorized into the following:

  • Basic differential rebuild kit. This kit contains the essential parts needed to rebuild the differential, including the pinion and carrier bearings, pinion seal and nut, crush sleeve and o-rings where applicable.
  • Pinion differential rebuild kit. Designed for budget rebuilding where the pinion rings are the only parts to be replaced or for low mileage ring and pinion gear ration changes. Contains the pinion bearings, pinion seal and shims, crush sleeve or depth shims, o-ring and gear marking compound and brush.
  • Mini differential rebuild kit. Similar to the pinion differential rebuild kit except that it does not contain the bearings. It also usually comes with Loctite or a similar adhesive, carrier or super shims and an instruction manual.
  • Master differential rebuild kit. The Master rebuild kit contains everything needed to rebuild the car differential. The kit contains the pinion and carrier bearings, pinion seal, pinion shims, pinion nut, crush sleeve or depth shims, o-rings, carrier or super shims, slingers and baffle and, in some applications, ring gear bolts. Most master kits will also come pre-packed with Loctite, cover gasket or silicone and installation manual. Because it contains all the components for the differential, this kit is one of the most expensive.

Heavy duty vs. light duty

When shopping for differential rebuild kits you'll probably encounter light and heavy rebuild kits. Basically, the difference between these two kits is that the light duty kit is meant for consumer vehicles, such as sedans and SUVs for example, while the heavy duty kit is meant for heavy trucks. So unless the differential you want rebuilt is in a semi that's meant to lug a trailer on Interstate, a light duty differential kit is the definite choice for you.

Repair Guides

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How to Install a Differential Rebuild Kit

You're performing a routine fluid change when you find a piece of metal at the bottom of your differential housing. You decide to go deeper into the axle to check for problems, and you see it: the spring plates have begun to fatigue and fracture. You also find some debris floating around in the oil. Luckily, the metal shard has not damaged any other component in the rotating portion of the assembly, but you will still have to rebuild your differential. If you have experienced the same problem in the past, you know how costly it is to have a mechanic do this. Fortunately, we have put together a guide to make it easier for you to tackle this task by yourself. The guide below is for a positive traction differential. Note that positive traction differentials are built differently than standard differentials. While standard differentials have gear components that are installed individually, the positive traction, or "posi" differential, has a gearing system which is preassembled into a cam assembly. This assembly is then integrated into the differential.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools you'll need:

  • A set of automotive tools and wrenches
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Oil recovery pan
  • Mechanic creeper
  • Gloves and safety glasses
  • Wheel bearing grease
  • Grease-cutting solvent

Step 1: The first part of the process involves disassembling the posi-traction rear end. Jack up your car and let it rest on the jack stands. Remove the bolts around the differential cover and detach it. Let the oil pan catch the lubricating oil.

Step 2: Unbolt any part from rear differential that can be readily removed. Look for pins or clips holding the axles into place. You will find that most of the internal parts are installed as a single assembly.

Step 3: Remove these components in the following order: rear wheels, brake assemblies, axle nuts, seals, and bearings. Place the nuts and bearings into a container with grease-cutting solvent.

Step 4: Detach the clips around the ends of the axles. Pull the axles away from the differential 6 to 12 inches. Remove the bolts holding the internal posi-trac gear assembly in place, and detach the assembly it from the differential. Next, pull out the pinion gear by removing the clips attaching it to the drive shaft. Clean the interior of the differential housing with degreaser. Wash out any metal shavings or dirt.

Step 5: Begin rebuilding your posi-trac gearing assembly. Clean any parts which you are not planning to replace from the old assembly, and prepare the new components that you are planning to integrate into the rebuild. Reinstall the posi-trac gear assembly in the reverse order.

Step 6: Attach the upgraded posi-trac into the differential. Put the axles back on the differential gearing. Apply wheel bearing grease before reinstalling the wheel bearings, cones, and nuts. Reinstall the brake systems and reattach the wheels back onto the axles.

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