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Differential Shim Set

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Select your Differential Shim Set vehicle from the list below.

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For the engine to work well, all the vehicle components it needs to work hand in hand with must be in good working condition. One of which is the differential that transmits engine power to the wheels via the pinion gear. Acting as the vehicle's final gear reduction, the differential also slows down the transmission's rotational speed right before it gets into the wheels. But what gives the differential its name is its task of transmitting engine's power to the wheels without preventing or restricting them from spinning at various speeds. Because of the differential, wheels are prevented from locking together, making turning smoother and easier. Of course, the differential won't be able to do all its tasks properly without those well-performing small parts making it up such as the differential shim. Used in various parts of the vehicle, the shim is a thin spacer installed in between two components to increase the distance between them. If the one employed in your differential has seen better days, it's high time to get a differential shim set. There are sets that contain four shims while others have as much as 10 shims. In the differential alone, you'll find different types of differential shims in various components. Among them are side shims, carrier shims, and pinion shims. The side shims are used in preventing backlash in the vehicle's axles. The differential shim set can also be used in fine tuning the gearbox.

If you're torn between getting a shim set or an individual shim replacement, it's always wise to go for the former. Why? Because if you need only one of the two shims, you'll have extra units that you can use in the future, sparing you from doing another transaction next time you need one. This also saves you money as you only need to pay for the shipping once. Wondering where to get high-quality yet reasonably priced differential shim set? This is the place to go. With our comprehensive catalog of topnotch auto parts and accessories, you sure will find the shim set that matches the vehicle's specs and your budget. Despite our more than 1 million items in stock, we have a user-friendly catalog that makes securing the right differential shim set for your ride as fast and easy as possible. Quick order processing and flexible payment options are also assured. What's best is our Low Price Guarantee, which gives you the best value for your money. Order now!

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