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Disc Brake Piston Tool

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Replacing your car's brake pads is a must if they're already worn out. If you keep using these old and busted brake pads, you'll hear a screeching and squealing sound each time you press on the brake. To make the installation of the new brake pads effortless, using our Disc Brake Piston Tool will really help you a lot. With these disc brake piston tools, you will be able to rotate the pistons back into the caliper so that there's enough clearance for the new pads. By using our Disc Brake Piston Tool, damage to the piston and boot is prevented. Auto Parts Warehouse now offers these amazing disc brake piston tools that you can get at the most affordable prices. To order here at our store, all you have to do is choose the brand that fits your car's needs, place your order, and we'll handle everything else. Auto Parts Warehouse is your one-stop shop for everything related to your car. Here at our store, you can shop anytime and need not worry about identity theft at all. Unlike other stores, our customer service agents are always more than ready to help any time of the day. So if you want to take the performance of your Disc Brake Piston Tool to another level, then get it here at our store today.

Buying Guides

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Purchasing a Disc Brake Piston Tool

A disc brake piston tool helps you maintain enough clearance when installing new brake pads. It helps you rotate the pistons back into the caliper efficiently, preventing any damage in the boot and the pistons themselves. Below is a guide to help you choose the right disc brake piston tool for you.

Disc brake piston tool design

There are different ways to retract the pistons. They vary depending on the configuration of the calipers; some might require the piston to be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise, while others might need the piston to be pushed further into its bore to retract. With this in mind, it is important to know first what your vehicle requires, given that there is no universal procedure to follow.

A disc brake piston tool comes in varying designs. You have the wind-back tool with a hammer-like design that pulls on the pistons outward for Collette-type, non-screw-in calipers. It usually comes with a double adaptor, so it does both the left and right pistons.

Another type-and the more popular disc brake piston tool-is the cube-shaped four-wheel tool. It gained popularity because it can be configured in five ways to work on both the front and rear brakes. Its heavy-duty chrome material also provides a longer life span. However, this tool usually requires an extension and a 3/8" direct ratchet to work. If you need to buy a four-wheel tool, go for the complete kit that includes all the accessories.

Price and usability

One controversial thing about buying a disc brake piston tool is its price. Many argue that the tool is not much of a necessity since replacing disc brakes can be done using a C-clamp and a block of scrap wood. However, newer car models already employ the Automatic Brake System, and their caliper configuration is different from the old ones. Recent vehicles are designed in such a way where the parking brake is integral to the caliper, and the piston has to be screwed inward and will not budge with pressure only. Only a disc brake piston tool can do the job, so even though you may not use the tool on a regular basis, it is convenient to invest in one.

Repair Guides

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Instructions on Using a Disc Brake Piston Tool

When changing your brake pads, a large force must be exerted to push back a brake piston tool into its bearing-This is where a disc brake piston tool comes in handy. It provides the necessary push to retract the piston in. Below, you will read about how you can maximize the use of your tool.

Tools you need:

  • Disc brake piston tool (with the 3/8" ratchet and extension)
  • Bungee cord
  • Plastic pick

Difficulty level: Easy

Step 1: Remove the brake caliper from the wheel knuckle of your car. Support it using a bungee cord to avoid damaging the brake hose.

Step 2: Remove the outer brake pad. Leave the one on the piston side attached.

Step 3: Place the wedge plate onto the ratchet of the tool, where the outer pad used to be. Then, insert the bottom of the drive arbor into the caliper piston.

Step 4: Tighten the tool until the drive arbor and wedge plate are working together to compress the piston. Loosen and remove the tool when the caliper piston is fully retracted into the bore.

Step 5: Maneuver the boot to restore it to its collapsed position using a plastic pick. The caliper boot must not be filled with air and bubbles, because this will damage the protective material of the boot.


  • Before pushing through with this project, read your vehicle's manual first to determine which type of caliper you are pressing the piston to. The procedures above will be rendered useless if your piston can be retracted simply by pressing it with your hand.
  • Take great care when driving your piston, it might crack under extreme coercion.
  • Your new brake pads and rotors will easily slide over each other once the caliper has been retracted back into its bore.
  • Restore the retracted piston-and the braking response-by pressing on the brake pedal. This will seat the piston against the newly-installed brake pad.

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