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Distributor Shim

We have 3,857 Items for Distributor Shim In-stock.

Keeping the distributor in good condition is important if you want to ensure proper ignition system performance at all times. After all, if the distributor fails prematurely, you'll just end up with a vehicle that can't start, and you'll also be spending for a new distributor. You might want to try fitting in a new Distributor Shim to help reduce the wear on your distributor gear. These are nylon spacers that compensate for the bottomed-out distributors, which cause the irregular wear on the distributor gear. If your ride has an excessively milled block, the shims fill the gap between the manifold and the distributor flange. There are Distributor Shim sets available on the market, and they come with shims of various thicknesses. This way, you can custom fit shims to achieve the proper thickness. Make sure you use a gasket to complement the shim or shims. Don't exhaust yourself looking for a new Distributor Shim when you can get one right here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have an extensive line of seals, gaskets, and shims for a variety of applications, including distributor shims from trusted manufacturers. These top-of-the-line shims won't set back your savings, though, because we offer them at affordable prices. For reliable yet affordable auto parts and accessories, order from us today!