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Distributor Wire

We have 14 Items for Distributor Wire In-stock.

Proper timing is of great importance. In engines, every mechanism must operate in precise timing so that optimum fuel combustion operation would be achieved. The external parts, such as the wheels, must also work in accurate rhythm and rotation to ensure your vehicle will run smoothly on the road. Timing is indeed everything, especially when it comes to your ignition assembly, particularly the distributor parts. This critical ignition device is responsible for routing high electrical voltage from the ignition coil to your car’s spark plugs in precise firing order. The electricity travels through the distributor wire, and the spark plugs then ignite the fuel at the proper timing, giving power to your engine and bringing your entire vehicle to life. When the distributor assembly becomes defective, your engine will experience various problems, especially when starting. A bad distributor will affect the performance of other ignition parts, so it is important to watch out for warning signs of damage. These may include odd vibrating sensations, starting delays, and high-pitched squealing noises. Check the wires’ condition as well and replace them right away if you see any break or crack along the edges.--end--If there’s something wrong with your distributor wire, better have it fixed or replaced as soon as possible before the problem affects your entire ignition system. Auto Parts Warehouse has a wide selection of distributor wires that would perfectly suit your budget. With our huge discounts, great deals, and high-quality auto parts, you’ll be able to save more cash and get the best value for your money. Lower prices don’t necessarily mean substandard quality. We carry only auto products from the best brands in the market, so quality is 100% guaranteed even with our affordable, warehouse pricing. Aside from huge money savings, you’ll also save more time using our website’s user-friendly features. Try our part finder tool, and you’ll be surprised at how fast you can find the precise replacement for your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Your searching time will be cut short, and you’ll be able to place an order real quick without even breaking a sweat. And to top all these great deals off, we’re even offering free shipping service for orders worth $50 and above! Sounds pretty great, right? Take a tour of our website today to find what you need. Place an order for a new distributor wire and we’ll ship it to your doorstep in no time.