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Door Handle Trim

We have 157 Items for Door Handle Trim In-stock.

Door handles often get chipped or damaged after a long time in use, so there will come a time when you have to say goodbye to the old trim to keep your ride looking fresh. It's a good thing you can choose from a variety of Door Handle Trim replacements available on the market. After all, having a nifty-looking door handle is hardly enough; you'll need to frame it with matching trim that can complement your ride while serving as an adequate protective case for the handle itself. You can choose from different colors like gray, black, beige, and brown. Just make sure you get the right kind of Door Handle Trim that will fit your ride's doors. Don't worry-when you use our online catalog, you can easily find parts that will fit your vehicle's make and model. The catalog contains replacement parts and accessories that are made by some of the biggest and most recognized names in the aftermarket industry, so you won't go wrong where quality is concerned. Combine that with a user-friendly checkout system, friendly customer service staff, and the lowest prices you can find on the Web and you've got a winner! So, if you're looking for a Door Handle Trim or other parts, order from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

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How to Repair Your Vehicle's Door Handle Trim

The door handle is probably the most abused exterior part of your vehicle. You use it whenever you enter or leave your car. Over time, your car's door handle will wear out and require replacement. To keep your vehicle looking new, you'll need to change your worn door handle trim. There's no need to worry though. Replacing door handle trims involves simple tools and usually takes up to 15 minutes only.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools to be used:

  • Paint can opener
  • Clean cloth or rag
  • Blackener (optional)
  • New door handle trim


If you don't have a small paint can opener or you're just too lazy fetching one from a hardware store, you can try bending a piece of metal wire into an L shape.

Step 1: Go to your car door's outer end and locate the rubber cover on the upper half of the door. Pull the corner of the rubber sheet to release the rubber grommet's attachment to its hole. Then, you'll see the access hole where you'll be poking in to detach the handle trim.

Step 2: Because the hole is too small to look into, all you can do is to "feel" the parts inside. Insert the paint can opener, with the L shape or bend pointing towards the outside of the door.

Step 3: While in that position, aim the tool at the crotch of the little metal arm of the door handle assembly. Push it forward with just a little amount of force. Once you've felt the handle move forward, you can use your fingernail to remove the trim and pull it off, with the upper half of the trim first.

Step 4: Now that the trim is completely removed, you'll notice a lot of dirt build up on the door handle. Just wipe it off with a clean rag and add a blackener if needed.

Step 5: Install the new door handle trim. Then, return everything to its place by following the previous steps in reverse order.