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Being able to open vehicle doors at the touch of a button is a major convenience for many car owners. However, when connections and components start to fail, this convenience can transform into a terrible hassle. For example, a faulty Door Latch Cable means you won't be able to open the door latch from your seat-you'll have to open the door yourself. Better replace the damaged cable as soon as possible to restore the function of your power doors. You can find some direct-fit replacements on the market, and they should meet or exceed the OE requirements of your ride. If you encounter any defects on your replacement Door Latch Cable, you can always have it replaced since these latch cables are covered by the manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty. Having trouble finding this cable online? You're in luck-we carry a complete selection of vehicle components and accessories, including a new Door Latch Cable. All the items in our catalog are supplied by manufacturers recognized in the automotive industry, so quality and reliability are definitely guaranteed. You also get big savings when you shop with us, because we have a lowest-price guarantee here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Found an item that's cheaper at another online retailer? We'll match their price! If you want real value for your hard-earned money, order from us today!

Buying Guides

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How to Choose a Door Latch Cable Replacement

It is not enough that your vehicle is good looking and complete with everything you need; it also needs to make you feel secured with the help of a good lock-and-latch mechanism on each door. The lock keeps your door closed and the latch ensures that you can access your door or close it without difficulty. But to control this latch, a cable is wired to your door handle lever and to the door latch arm. When the latch or the cable fails, you can no longer open or close your door and entry or exit to your ride will be difficult. Good if the latch is just stuck, but if it is the cable, you need to get a new one in its place.

What will make it work perfectly

The materials

You will find a number of cable wire replacements in the market today, but look for the one that offers the durability of steel and the weightlessness of aluminum. A good door latch cable should be made up of:

  1. A heavy-duty wire is a requirement because it is subjected to pressure all the time.
  2. A skin that is made from reinforced or braided steel, aluminum, or plastic to resist the extreme conditions it may be subjected to.
  3. Reliable and lasting fitting to ensure the part is ready for installation.


When it comes to fit of your replacement door latch cable, there are two common choices in the market:

  1. OE or Original Equipment parts are always the best replacements whenever your factory components fail. The only problem with these is price. They are usually pricey because they are especially manufactured for your make and model.
  2. Direct-fit replacements are not necessarily OE parts. These are compatible items from aftermarket manufacturers, and they are crafted to perfectly match the specifications of your original but gone-bad parts. The good thing about these replacements is that they are typically cheaper than OE parts.

The best replacement cable for your door latch

Whenever looking for a replacement door latch cable for your ride, always try to consider the materials it is made of and its fit. It is always best to choose an OE part if you don’t want to worry about anything more, but if you are a bit conscious of the budget, a prefer direct-fit replacement, get one that’s especially made for your make and model.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY Installation of Door Latch Cable

Because your door latch cable energizes your latch arm and allows it to open, you have to keep it in its best performing condition. But, like your other car parts, it will still wear over time because of its heavy-duty function. At the first sign of irregularity, get it replaced with a direct-fit part. Getting one that’s compatible with your system will ensure easy installation and allow you to save on labor cost. And if you have decided to get your new cable installed DIY style, use and follow these instructions:

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you’ll need:

  • Screw driver
  • Cutter
  • New mounting bolts (if necessary)
  • Rug or old but clean cloth

Step 1: Connect the clevis of your door latch to the latch’s arm.

Step 2: Stretch the wire to its full length to get an idea where you can install the shielded pulley. This mechanism will keep your cable tensioned for better latching response.

Step 3: Install the shielded pulley. NOTE: Usually, installation hardware are included if you buy a latch kit. But if you choose to use other mounting bolts, you can do so.

IMPORTANT: REFRAIN from using bolts that are TOO LONG. This may affect your other door or window mechanisms’ functions.

Step 4: Connect one of the ends of your new latch cable to the lever of your door handle. NOTE: If you are using an aftermarket replacement, you might need to cut the wire to take the slack out.

Step 5: Connect the other end of the cable to the door handle via the assembly ball. NOTE: If installation of the end of the cable requires removal of your door handle, take out the screws and/or clips that secure it.

Step 6:Reinstall everything back in its place, and wipe your door handle clean.

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