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Your auto doors don't only serve as your point of entry or exit; they're also there for security purposes. They keep out thieves and unwanted elements from gaining access to your car's interior. To make auto doors more secure, car makers designed them with a door lock switch, which is often located beside the door lever. With just a simple touch of the switch, you can easily lock or unlock the door. Modern vehicles have this switch connected to the main console, so the driver can have full control over the opening and closing of the car doors. With this kind of design, small children are prevented from opening the doors by accident. But like other parts of the vehicle, it should be given the right maintenance to ensure its efficient operation for a long time. You'll know this switch is on the blink when it doesn't consistently lock and unlock the door anymore. It may be due to loose wire connections or short circuiting. To be able to use your door lock mechanism again, it'd be best if you'd just replace the door lock switch and its wires altogether. You'll still be removing the whole door panel if you'll just repair it anyway. Now, when it comes to quality replacements for malfunctioning door lock switches, there's only one place to go-Auto Parts Warehouse. Our online shop offers a wide array of door lock switches you can avail at very affordable prices. Simply browse through our catalog and place your order today!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Choosing the Best Door Lock Switch

Access, safety, and security inside your automobile are made easy by your automobile doors. But they are not lone parts; they are equipped with working components that need maintenance all the time. One of these is the door lock switch- the ?actuator' of all vehicle door functions. When it fails, all those functions are compromised so restore them by installing a direct-fit replacement.

Knowing your door lock switch and its appropriate replacement

Manual. Automobiles with manual door locks have switches with indicators of pull or push types. The good thing about this type is that you have full control of your doors, and you can always convert it to a power-lock type.

Power lock. Automotive doors with power lock switches are the types that can be locked and unlocked with a remote control. This type is still categorized into two:

  1. Power lock door with external switch. This switch can be opened manually or with a remote, making it the better choice if you are planning to convert your manual switch.
  2. Vacuum system. Whenever a door lock switch is absent from your door or arm rest, what you have is a vacuum-lock system. The problem with this type is that it can't be used again when it fails, until you get it fully restored, making a less effective choice if upgrading your manual switch.

Identifying switch types by manufacturer

Type A. Mostly American brands like GM and Chrysler. The door lock wires of this switch are located at the driver's kick panel. This can be activated using the chassis ground, so it's easy to use but not so safe from thieves. You can convert it with the use of direct-fit replacements in the market.

Type B. Mostly import vehicles and some new Ford models. The wires of the switch are at the driver's kick panel and can be energized with the use of +12v electrical power. Its configuration is simple but requires power from your battery to use. It is more secure from auto thieves and is a better choice of switch type.

Type C. All-American makes. Switch wires are at the kick panel of the driver, and the switch is activated by the side master switch of the vehicle. It is more secure from auto theft and is the best type of car door switch.

What to consider:

The fit to ensure compatibility with your make and model.

The electrical requirement to keep your vehicle from overload concerns.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

DIY Installation of a Door Lock Switch

You don't need to hire a professional mechanic to get a new door lock switch in place of your irregular part. The task is easy and can be done with some hand tools. And to ensure you have everything you need for this DIY task, get a good aftermarket part that comes complete with the necessary installation accessories and manual. And for your reference, here is a step-by-step guide:

What you'll need:

  • Multi-meter
  • Screw driver
  • Cleaning agent and rug or old clothes


  1. Turn your engine off.
  2. Disconnect your negative battery cable from its terminal.
  3. Park your automobile on a level surface.

Safety Reminder:

Always wear safety goggles and gloves whenever you work on your electrical parts.

Step 1: Locate the door lock switch of your vehicle. Generally, it is located either at the driver's kick panel or under the dash.

Step 1: Disconnect the switch from its harness. The connector is plugged directly at the back of the switch.

Step 2: Remove the old switch.

Step 3: Clean the area and check the wires for electrical supply with a multi-meter. Compare your readings to the data of your owner's manual.

Step 4: Compare the new switch with your new one.

Step 5:Connect it to the harness. Make sure it sits perfectly in its place.

Step 6: Put everything you remove or disconnect back in place, including the cable of your battery.

Step 7: Check if you have installed your new door lock switch right by locking and unlocking your doors. It should respond immediately when you insert the car key, to your push or pull actions (if you have a manual lock switch), or the remote (for power door lock switch). If it does, you have just restored your doors' ease of access, security, and safety.

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