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Door Panel Products

Looking to give your interiors a style upgrade? You may want to start by getting a new door panel. Available in many styles and colors, customized door panels can surely add a different vibe to your ride. Some drivers prefer panels that have the same color as the seats and the dash, while others choose to set a different tone by getting panels that have a different shade. Other creative car owners even pick a completely different color for a unique combination, such as black and grey, cream and brown, white and black, etc. Whatever theme or design you have in mind, the most important thing to check when looking for a replacement or a new unit is its level of quality and craftsmanship. Before choosing a specific door panel for your vehicle, you have to make sure it can withstand temperature shifts both inside and outside the auto and will not easily succumb to wear and tear even if you keep on opening and closing your doors. It should also fit the specs of the vehicle so you won't experience any difficulty once you attempt to complete the installation process. Another feature you may want to check out before buying a door panel is also its layout and make; some panels have padded arm rests and fasteners and are covered with leather, other units can be crafted from a plastic material or an aluminum base. Check out Auto Parts Warehouse to find the right door panel for your vehicle, your style, and your budget. Our full selection of items surely won't disappoint; we have an extensive line of panels from different manufacturers such as Replacement, Carriage Works, Coverlay, and more. All these items vary in size, design, and price, giving the customers the luxury of having plenty of choices while shopping. Aside from door panels, we also offer other auto components such as engine and drivetrain parts, interior and exterior accessories, as well as suspension, steering, and brake components-all at a price you can afford. That's because Auto Parts Warehouse provides a low price guarantee on all products; when you choose us, not only will you enjoy top-notch performance from the products, but also maximize the value of your hard-earned money. Get your needed door panel right here, right now. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, simply dial our toll-free hotline or click the live chat option.

Buying Guides

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Quick Tips in Buying Door Panels

A vehicle that's beautiful both inside and out-it's any automotive enthusiast's dream car. Even though there are many that would want to own such a car, a lot of people tend to focus only on one aspect when it comes to styling their cars-the exterior. Plenty of auto buffs tend to concentrate solely on the exterior since that's the part that other people can see. That's fine and all of course but the interior should get the some love too. Because after all, you're the one who spends a lot of time inside your car, right? You'd surely want something that looks good as well. One of the ways that you can stylize your interior is to get sleek door panels for your car.

Adding a Personal Touch

Even though the exterior features are the priority of a lot of car owners, door panels (automotive interiors in general) have received more attention during the recent years as the demand for more upscale styles grew. More and more people wanted to stylize, customize, and add a personal touch to their cars via door panels. This demand led to manufacturers offering more door panel variants. Today, you can find door panels that come in various colors and styles. They're also made of different materials such as plastic, wood, and metal.

What Door Panel Should You Get?

Well, only you can answer that question. Unless you merely want a replacement for your faded door panel, go for whatever tickles your fancy (as long as you can afford it, of course). Plastic door panels are the most common and the cheapest of the bunch. Wooden door panels are often used in luxury vehicles, so that may be what you're looking for if you really want to jazz up your interior. Sheet metal door panels are available as well if you prefer steel over other materials. Regardless of your choice, just make sure that the door panel you select would fit and is appropriate for that particular door (you wouldn't want to buy a door panel that's made for the passenger seat when it's the driver's side that you're looking to replace).

What we recommend though is to select from OEM door panels so that there won't be any issues with regard to installation. They'll surely prove to be worthwhile purchases as they're very durable as well.

Repair Guides

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How to Remove and Install a Door Panel

There are plenty of reasons why you may have to remove and install a door panel. The door handle may not be functioning properly. Your windows won't roll up or down. You may want to tint your window or replace altogether. Or you may simply want a more stylish door panel. Whatever the case may be, we'll guide you on how to remove your door panel and how to reinstall it (or how to install a new one).

Difficulty: Easy

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket
  • L Pick (for those who have windows that are manually operated by a crank)

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a level surface. Open the door you wish to work on afterwards.

Step 2: Inspect how your door panel is attached to the door. Some door panels can be easily removed because they are merely snapped-in while there are others that are kept in place via screws or bolts. Door panels are usually screwed or bolted along the bottom, around the arm rest, or near the door lights. Prepare the necessary tools depending on the type of door panel you have.

Step 3: Roll your windows down (if that's not the problem that you're looking to address). Start unbolting or unscrewing the door panel. If your door panel is merely snapped in, you can use a flathead screwdriver to pry it off from the door.

Step 4: If your vehicle's windows are manually operated, use an L pick to remove the clip that holds the crank.

If your car has power windows, remove its control panel. It should come off easily. After that, locate the wiring. Detach it from the back and place the wires to the side.

Step 5: Unscrew the door lever then pull the cover off. Unscrew the locks on the upper rear corner as well. If the lever and the lock are connected, you can remove them both by unclipping the rod from the lock.

Step 6: After you've unscrewed, unbolted, and disconnected everything, you can now detach the door panel. Gently pry it off so that you won't damage anything.

Step 7: Now that the door panel has been removed, fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Step 8: Once you're finished, you either re-install your old door panel or you put in a new one. Remember to reconnect all the wires that you removed earlier (if there were any) before installing the door panel. Some of the devices found on your door panel won't function if they aren't properly connected. Test the connection before securing the door panel in its place.

Step 9: Position the door panel back in place. Pand press it against the door. then re-sScrew and or re-bbolt back everything that you took out earlier.

Step 10: Again, test all the functions found in the door panel. If something doesn't work, check that particular area and fix it. You may have to take the doora panel off again in some cases.

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