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Door Skin Cloth Products

Sure, your 4x4 car might be the meanest vehicle on the road during your weekend trip. However, if it doesn't have the looks to back it up, then you might as well pull over and forget about your off-road adventure. If you want your 4x4 or jeep to look good while you're on the road, then be sure to equip it with our Door Skin Cloth. This product gives your ride that distinctive and superb styling that you've always wanted. Once installed, there's no way that your ride won't get noticed when you drive down the road next time. Installing our Door Skin Cloth is so easy as well. that's because it has all the fasteners and hooks, so you won't have any trouble putting it in place. Without a doubt, our Door Skin Cloth is just what you need to complete the restoration of your vehicle's looks. If you're looking for auto parts and accessories that don't cost that much, then you've come to the right place. that's because here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we have countless products that you can order online. Our store offers topnotch customer service that you won't find anywhere else. On top of that, our products are so affordable you don't have to break the bank just to get them. If you want effortless online shopping, choose only Auto Parts Warehouse for your car restoration needs.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Shopping About for the Perfect Door Skin Cloth

The Jeep is revolutionary in its ruggedness and customizability. It could weather all terrains and a whole spate of driving conditions. When it came to keeping the rains out, however, it used to be such a tough deal-until they came out with a whole slew of canvas covers and door skins. This guide covers the door skin cloth that often is the ultimate guard against the elements.

Type of door

The first thing that you need to look into is what kind of door you have attached to your Jeep-this determines the kind of door skin cloth that you want to get. Some skins, you see cover only the top half of your door, replacing the window of your car. This is the case when your door itself is all-metal. Other skins cover both the top and also wrap around the metallic frame of your door. Still others replace the entire door itself-leaving you, in essence, a flexible door.

This is an important to consider because, depending on the kind of door that you have, you'll either have to find a skin that complements it or replace the entire frame to accommodate a different type. One is, honestly, not necessarily better than another and it really all boils down to personal preference.

Material considerations

When it comes to materials, the best to go for is thatched vinyl. You'll know that that's what your door skin cloth is made of by the feel on your fingers-it's rough to the touch yet a bit slippery. The thatched design is not just for aesthetics, it also provides for strength and durability-you door skin will be far more resistant to ripping and tearing.

In terms of design, there are a standard range of colors to choose from. The most common are black, brown, and gray. Admittedly, door skins don't fall into the stylish category but then again, they're meant to reflect the type of character that Jeeps have: tough and rugged. There are some who claim that you could always paint over the cloth anyway-not too advisable as you could damage the fabric.

Just get one that works for you and focus on fit more than anything else!

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Putting in a Brand New Door Skin Cloth

If your Jeep's door's skin cloth is starting to wear thin, not only does it not look too good, but you will be more exposed to the elements as well. Changing out your old door skin cloth is a walk in the park, because we give you the steps you need to follow to get it done quick and easy. For even the unseasoned beginner, the whole process will take little over 15 minutes.

Difficulty level: Easy

Stuff you will need:

  • New door skin cloth
  • Your Jeep's owner's manual
  • Blade or box cutter
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Alcohol
  • Safety glasses

Step 1: Unfasten the plastic retainer that holds the door skin in place-this is located at the bottom of the door itself.

Step 2: Use a box cutter to carefully undo the stitching on the old door skin so you can slip them off the door frames.

Step 3: Take off the hook and loop fasteners on the door covers, and slide the new cover onto the frame-work from top to bottom.

Step 4: Moving from corner to corner, slowly wrap the fabric around the frame-fasten with hook and loop as appropriate to hold it in place.

Step 5: Reinstall the upper door first before installing the lower door-insert the corresponding pins into the right grommets of the lower door to do this.

Step 6: On the upper door, secure the quarter window with the snap near the front of the upper door-slip the plastic strip on the bottom of the soft door into the retainer on the steel door.

Important tips:

  1. Conduct the installation at temperatures above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Below that temperature, some contraction may occur with the fabric-about an inch or so-and this will make it far more difficult to install onto the vehicle.
  2. It is advisable to spread out a newly purchased fabric before installation. Wrinkling and some contraction occur during shipping. This will give the fabric time to relax and take out the wrinkles by itself.
  3. Clean off the new door skin cloth with alcohol and a clean rag-this will help to take out any dirt and dust. It's better to do cleaning before installation because, once it's taut and installed, any pressure applied to it when cleaning might just damage the fabric.

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