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To make sure that your car's door striker doesn't fail, it needs to be equipped with a reliable Door Striker Pin. These days, there are just so many stores that sell door striker pins, but they simply fail to meet customer expectations. If you don't want to waste money on a mediocre Door Striker Pin, then you'd better get it here right now at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our store's door striker pins are designed to be compatible with almost every door striker out there. Simply put, they're the missing pieces to the damaged door striker that you're using on your car's doors. Unlike other door striker pins out there, ours are manufactured from the best materials possible. That said, you can be sure that they will surely last for many years to come. The Door Striker Pin is without a doubt a small piece, but without it, there's no way that your car's door striker will work at all. So if you're interested to get this top-caliber replacement, all you have to do is place your order here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our store's delivery team will never make you wait because we deliver right away. Apart from that, we deliver your order in excellent condition. With what Auto Parts Warehouse offers, there's no way that you will ever think of shopping anywhere else. Take this opportunity by shopping here at our store today!

Repair Guides

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No-Fuss Door Striker Pin Repair

Just like seatbelts and airbags, the doors of your vehicle are also a crucial safety measure for its passengers. It secures people in during the drive, and leads them out when they must. Keeping the door easy to close or open is a little door striker pin. A bent, or wobbly pin, is problematic. This would mean slamming the door hard to close it, or giving it a shoulder tackle just to open. Avoid this problem by replacing defective striker pins.

For bent or slanted pins

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Light pencil
  • Door striker pin replacement

Step 1: The door striker pins are usually located on the frame of the car. Start the repair by marking the area where the pin's mount is bolted on. Make accurate marks to ensure that the replacement pin will be aligned to the door.

Step 2: Use your screwdriver to remove the pin. Some pins use regular screws, while others have Torx screws.

Step 3: Grab your replacement pin, and insert it on the exact area of the old one. Clean the work area to finish.

This quick job will take about 20 minutes.

For wobbly pins

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Light pencil
  • Grinding set
  • Welding set
  • Painting set
  • Small sheet metal
  • Door striker pin replacement

Step 1: Working on wobbly pins is more complicated than replacing bent pins. Start by marking the exact location of the pin with a light pencil. Next, remove the pin with your screwdriver.

Step 2: Notice the mounting hole is very loose, and may even start to form cracks. There are two ways of working around this. The first and simple way is using a pin washer with a larger diameter. The large washer will stop the pin from wobbling. This is a quick fix, but will not permanently solve the root of the problem.

Step 3: For a more serious repair, you can try sealing the bad hole with the help of grinding, welding, and painting. First, disconnect the car's battery. Next, grind the surface to smoothen the area.

Step 4: Grab the small sheet metal, and carefully weld it on the door striker pin mount to seal and tighten the hole. Grind the excess welds for a clean surface.

Step 5: Lightly paint the area to finish. Screw in the new pins. They shouldn't be wobbly by this time.

This will take about 1 hour.

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