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Drain Pan

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You're probably one of those guys who spend their weekends working in their garage. The thing is, every DIY guy needs all the tools and devices to finish everything right away. One of the first things that you need to own to complete your toolbox is our high-quality Drain Pan. The job of drain pans is simple: to store coolant, oil, water, and all sorts of fluids after draining them. You see, when you start fixing your car, you drain some of its fluids. For that reason, a Drain Pan will surely come in handy. Our Drain Pan is made of top-caliber steel dipped in galvanized coating. Because of its special coating, there's no way that it will rust or leak. Compared to other drain pans out there, ours have an amazing capacity to hold all kinds of fluids. On top of that, they're designed to be compact so that you can store them without any problems. If you want to complete your toolbox, then it's time for you to get these drain pans here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Just place your order right now, and our delivery team will make sure that you get these amazing products right away.

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What To Look For in a Drain Pan

Have you ever experienced draining your engine's oil only to find yourself staggering all over your house looking for a container? As much as you would like to cut cost and just utilize the bowls you use at home, it is strongly advised that you don't. It will only present a health hazard once the bowls you previously used for an oil change is also used to serve food. To be extra sure that this will never happen, you should invest in a drain pan. It's not that pricey, and the money you will spend will ensure your and your family's safety. Take note of the following things when shopping for a drain pan.

Drain pan size and design

When you go to your local auto supply store, you will be surprised to see a wide selection of designs and sizes. Your choice will depend on your usage and the amount of fluids you are planning to bleed. The important thing to remember is that, in this case, bigger is indeed better. You should not experience any shortage on space when draining liquids.

Drain pan material

Drain pan material is either stainless steel or plastic. If you are planning to drain non-corrosive liquids such as brake fluid, alkaline-based engine coolant, and power steering fluid; you can most definitely use a steel pan. However, if you are going to bleed out the gear oil, battery electrolyte, and fuel-these substances are corrosive-it is more advisable to use a drain pan made of plastic.

A good rule of thumb, though, is to invest in a plastic drain pan. With proper storage and maintenance, it can last as long as a steel one. And you will also never have to worry about interchanging your pans according to use, or your liquids being contaminated by rust and other foreign substances brought about by corrosion.