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Stumped about the transmission leaking problem that’s coming from your drive axle? Well, the first thing you must check should be the drive axle gasket. This is the primary sealing component in the drive axle, and damage of this gasket is sure to cause a leak. When you ignore the problem and continue to drive with the drive axle leaking fluid, it won’t be too long before you encounter problems with the way the transmission runs. Because transmission fluid is crucial to the overall health of your vehicle tranny and its parts, loss of this fluid is bound to cause trouble. So, the moment you notice any sign of fluid leak, be sure to address the problem at once. Inspect the drive axle gasket for possible damage. Just like any other gasket in your auto, aging and daily wear can cause this gasket to fail after a while. So if you trace the leak to the gasket, discard the part and get a new one. Remember to get a high-quality gasket, and be sure to install the gasket properly. Some leaks can be caused by improper gasket installation, so it’s important that you have experience in mounting a new one and that you double check the position of the gasket when installing it. Also, you may want to check other surrounding components to be sure that the problem has nothing to do with them. Some leaks can be so stubborn—they’ll remain even after you have already replaced the gasket. In cases like this, it is possible that the problem is not the gasket but another part of the transmission or axle. Do a thorough inspection until you have found the real culprit. Once you find it, discard the damaged part and get a new one.--end--Whether it is a new drive axle gasket or another vehicle part that you need, you can trust us here at Auto Parts Warehouse to help you. Our selection of parts is complete, and all of our offered products are sourced from leading manufacturers in the industry. They are of top quality, and we also offer them at reasonable prices. In fact, they all come with a Low Price Guarantee. If you want to save more, avail of our free shipping offer by simply placing an order amounting to $50 or more. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to leaks with a new drive axle gasket!

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