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Automotive repair is never an easy task, especially if you don't have the right tools for the job. It is important to get the right type of drive socket for your repair kit to have a handy tool to help you out every time you need to attach a component to the vehicle. Sockets come in various shapes and sizes; every unit is customized according to the component it will be used on. Some sockets include: spindle nuts, hex spindle nuts, wheel bearing locknuts, and more. This unit usually works hand-in-hand with a socket wrench, a tool that is used to turn bolts and nuts every time a component is installed or detached. The socket is attached on the head of the wrench and provides the grip needed to turn the bolt. The wrench is the handle that receives the force needed to turn the drive socket. Sockets are commonly available in three designs: straight, tapered, and shouldered. Socket types, on the other hand, include surface drive, designed to work with multiple spindle power tools and rounded in corners to compensate for any misalignment between the socket and fastener; fast lead, allows the socket to engage the fastener while moving; fixed magnet, a type of socket used only when the application needs the socket to hold the fastener so the operator can move freely; spring magnet, which allows the magnet to move with the fastener while it is driven down; and tube magnet, a socket that is used when the application needs the fastener to travel into the socket. Secure your needed drive socket only here at Auto Parts Warehouse. No matter what design, type, or purpose you have in mind, our wide range of products will surely cater to your needs. We carry most top brands available in the industry including Beck Arnley, A1 Cardone, Bosch, and more. By choosing us, not only do you get to ensure high quality of components, you can also enjoy great savings and discounts. That's because all items come with a low price guarantee, to help customers with small budgets get their needed component without having to pay extra. So order your needed drive socket, right here, right now! Experience hassle-free shopping by clicking on the shopping cart icon and filling it with the items you need. In case you have questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us through our toll-free hotline number; lines are open 24/7.

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The Drive Socket: Your Auto Repair Flexi-Tool

A drive socket is an indispensible automotive hand tool when doing DIY projects. Without it, finishing a repair project won't be an easy task. Drive sockets were designed to work hand in hand with a socket wrench. It's attached to the wrench's head to provide the grip needed to loosen a bolt and the wrench receives the force needed to turn the drive socket.

If you're planning to build a good set of tools, you have to look into the different types of drive socket sets and its functions. It will be the most versatile tool in your toolbox, and it will help you in more ways than one.

Invest in High-Quality Forged Steel

A good set of drive sockets will go a long way, and save you money in the long run. Always consider the materials used because low-quality sockets tend to bend, warp, and twist while in use. The ratchet can also break, and it may lead to serious injuries. Here are some of the popular materials and finishes used on drive sockets:

Magnetic -- This drive socket is designed with magnetized materials which attract metal objects. The socket's materials create a magnetic field to assist in holding metal parts in place during the removal and assembly process.

Galvanized -- These steel sockets are coated with oxidation-resistant material and zinc to protect it against corrosion. Drive sockets forged from galvanized steel are designed to resist corrosion.

Heat-Treated -- Heat-treated metals undergo a controlled heating and cooling process which alters its physical and mechanical properties. Drive sockets made from heat-treated metals are stronger and more durable.

Anti-corrosion Finishes -- These metals are treated and coated with zinc, aluminum, or a zinc/aluminum alloy through a thermal or metal-spraying process. Sockets treated with these alloys last longer and are corrosion-resistant.

Drive Bits for Different Fits

Drive sockets are selected based on their intended application and sizes. Listed below are some of the different socket styles and bits to suite your needs:

Shallow Length or Standard Socket -- It's a socket of standard length and this is commonly used to access nuts in narrow spaces.

Insulated -- These rubber-coated sockets are designed to protect you from electrical shock.

Spark Plug Socket -- A special drive socket designed to install and remove a vehicle's spark plug.

Swivel Socket -- This socket has a swivel between the socket opening and drive. It was designed to allow angular movement for the wrench for different reach applications.

Deep Length -- It's a socket used to turn a nut into a bolt when the bolt extends beyond the nut. Deep length sockets are longer than the standard drive socket.

Impact Socket -- It's the drive socket of choice when a higher tightening torque is required. Impact sockets are made from weaker but stronger malleable steel for strength.

Drive Sizes and Points:

With greater torque comes more socket points. A drive socket's twisting action applies most of the torque near the corners of the head. Four, six,eight, and 12-point sockets are basically used to loosen or torque square and hexagon-shaped bolt heads and nuts. Six-point sockets can be used on stronger and thicker sockets, while 12-point sockets are faster and much more versatile. The least popular is the eight-point socket.

Size also matters when choosing the right drive socket for your tool set. Metric sockets are available in 8, 10, and 12-millimeter sizes while SAE inch-based sockets are available in 3/8, ?, and ?-inch sizes.

Drive sockets make repairing our cars much easier. It performs a lot of functions and it gives you a wider range of reach during DIY projects. A set of good quality sockets will save you a lot of time and money.

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