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Although small and often not easily noticeable, bushings are important for preventing early damage on some of the key parts of your vehicle. For example, your car's Driveshaft Bushing makes sure that the driveshaft doesn't wear out easily. The thing about driveshaft bushings is that they absorb so much punishment everyday. That said, it's not surprising that they get damaged right away. Fortunately, getting a replacement Driveshaft Bushing isn't a problem anymore. that's because our store offers high-quality replacement driveshaft bushings, which you can get without even overspending. Made from high-grade steel, these bushings are built to last for many years to come. To install them, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the manual and you're done already. Without a doubt, our Driveshaft Bushing is the best replacement that you will find over the Internet today. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, you don't have to wait for long hours just to shop for the part or accessory that you need. All you need to do is place your order here at our store, and our delivery team will take care of everything else. So what are you waiting for? Make sure that your car's driveshaft gets all the protection that it needs by getting our driveshaft bushings right now.

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How to Replace Your Vehicle's Driveshaft Bushing

Your vehicle's driveshaft bushing reduces vibrations and protects your driveshaft from excessive wear. As a result, the bushing itself is subjected to a lot of punishment every time you go for a ride. When you start feeling harder vibrations while driving and your driveshaft starts thumping around, you'll know your driveshaft bushing has taken one for the team—for the last time. If you enjoy working on automotive projects in your garage, then replacing this crucial component yourself shouldn't be too difficult.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Here's what you'll need:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Penetrating oil
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Gear puller
  • New driveshaft bushing

Safety tips

  1. Make sure you are parked on level ground and that your engine has cooled over several hours before starting this procedure.
  2. Never rely on just your floor jack to support the entire weight of your vehicle—especially when you're working under it. Have your vehicle rest securely on properly placed jack stands.
  3. These instructions were written with a BMW in mind. Certain steps may be different for your particular vehicle.

Step 1: Use your floor jack to raise your vehicle then lower it onto the jack stands. Make sure the jack stands on all four corners are positioned directly beneath the axle or frame.

Step 2: Spray penetrating oil on all the bolts you are going to remove and give some time for the oil to soak in. Remove any sensors you may find going from your gearbox to the driveshaft. Remember how they are connected so you can reinstall them properly later on.

Step 3: Use your ratchet and socket set to unbolt the exhaust hangers from the exhaust brackets and to disconnect the manifold bolts that are in the way. You may extract the exhaust system completely or just have it rest on some jack stands while you work.

Step 4: Use your ratchet and socket set to remove the heat shield. You'll find this component between where the exhaust system was and the underside of your car. Carefully set it aside.

Step 5: Remove the transmission crossmember so you can access the bolts securing your driveshaft to the transmission. Set up a jack stand (or a large block of wood) to support the transmission while doing this.

Step 6: Remove all the bolts holding your driveshaft to the transmission and to the differential. Remove the bolts that are keeping the driveshaft bushing in place. Keep track of every bolt you remove so you can reinstall everything properly later on. Replace any worn-out bolts with new ones. Carefully extract your driveshaft from under your vehicle.

Step 7: Use the gear puller to remove your old driveshaft bushing.

Step 8: Install your new driveshaft bushing.

Step 9: Put everything back together by following the steps in reverse. Lower your vehicle to the ground.

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