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With all the crazy technology coming up and about, one technological find seems to go unappreciated: lighting fixtures. It's amazing what we can do thanks to our lighting technology. When things get dark, we can add visibility anywhere from houses to stadiums using lights. We can also increase safety and pretty much extend hours of work productivity by making use of lights, and it's a good thing we've applied this technology to our motor vehicles. Headlights, warning lights, and brake lights help increase visibility and safety on the road. With lights at the front and rear ends of your ride, you're able to see thing in front of and behind you, but even with extra drive lights mounted on your SUV or truck, wouldn't you want some added versatility with your lights? If you do, then you'll be happy to own a handy driving light bracket. This bracket allows you to adjust your drive light to you preferred position. They also provide a secure mount for your drive light that's both sturdy and versatile. If you already have such a bracket but it seems to be giving in to wear and tear, then it's about time that you have it replaced with a brand new driving light bracket. Getting such an item along with other auto components online is fairly easy; just make sure you're buying yours from a reliable supplier.Sadly, not all aftermarket suppliers are made equal; some are simply better than others. But when it comes to the aftermarket food chain, Auto Parts Warehouse sits atop of the heap. You'll feel like a kid in a candy store browsing through our comprehensive online catalog, which showcases numerous high-quality items. All of our grade-A parts are sourced from nothing but the best brands in the business, ensuring that you get greater value for your money with every purchase. In addition to that, our great products come with some of the most inexpensive tag prices on the market. Many of our auto parts even come with a nifty low price guarantee, which promises to beat whatever lower-priced item you may find elsewhere. If you need extra help finding the parts you need, you may utilize our unique search options that allowing you to narrow down your results to parts that match your ride's exact year, make, and model. Perhaps you're more of a people person? No problem! You can talk to one of our competent reps via live chat or our hotline, which is open 24/7. So what are you waiting for? Order your new driving light bracket from us today and upgrade your ride!

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How to Secure Your Driving Lights with Driving Light Brackets

Have you ever driven your Mini Cooper on an unlit road in really bad weather when your headlights just aren't enough? In times like these, installing additional lighting equipment such as driving lights help you make sure that maximum visibility is available to you when you need it. Unfortunately, driving lights sometimes fail to deliver because of a common mishap: weak driving light brackets. While some people prefer to make their own brackets for their driving lights, not everyone has the chops to make brackets that are as strong and durable as those offered by trusted manufacturers.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Socket set
  • Power drill and drill bits
  • Screwdrivers and screws or rivet gun
  • Fine-point marker
  • Driving light bracket

Check your local laws for restrictions on driving light mounting positions. Some places don't allow mounting of driving lights behind the grille or on top of the hood.

Step 1: Park your car on a level surface and let your engine cool.

Step 2: Pop the hood of your Mini Cooper open and test mount your driving light brackets. Mark the place where you will drill the holes for fastening the brackets. Do this for all brackets.

Step 3: Drill the previously marked holes. Make sure that your drill bit is the same size as your brackets' holes.

Step 4: Fasten the rivets that usually come with driving light brackets using your rivet gun. If you don't have these, just use stainless steel screws.

Step 5: Mount your driving lights to your new, stronger driving light brackets.

These instructions are only for those who want to secure their driving lights with better driving light brackets. The installation process of the actual driving lights require sufficient electrical knowledge and is best left to professionals.

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