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Don't be surprised to fail emissions tests if you haven't replaced your old EGR check valve yet. EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation, which is essentially what the valve does. The valve contributes to the smooth operation of the vehicle by taking some of the exhaust gases back into the engine, optimizing fuel consumption. If you're idling erratically and losing mileage and power, there's a good chance your old EGR valve is starting to fail. A malfunctioning valve may stick shut or open; it may also leak, causing too much or too little exhaust gas to find its way into the engine. In the end, the bad valve will have you paying for more gas and if more parts get damaged because of the haywire valve, you'll have to fork out even more money to cover expensive repair bills. Since your car produces awful amounts of toxic exhaust gases, you're not only harming the environment-you're also compromising your own health. For these reasons, you need to replace your stock valve as soon as possible. Don't worry though because you can definitely handle the replacement job if you have enough experience in DIY auto repair. Check your vehicle's service manual and follow the engine's vacuum hoses to locate the EGR valve.The EGR check valve is a critical part of your vehicle's fuel system, so it's important to choose a quality replacement part. Stay away from suspicious dealers that sell poorly manufactured valves as these components will only fail much sooner than you think. To make sure you'll pass emissions tests and your car will have the best performance possible, get your replacement EGR valve from Auto Parts Warehouse. We've been serving vehicle owners and auto repair shops for years, supplying them with the finest car parts and accessories at the lowest prices. Our state-of-the art website is meticulously designed for highly secure transactions and we offer the best warranties in the business to protect and satisfy our customers. The EGR check valves we offer comply with the highest industry standards and they match OE specifications, ensuring hassle-free installation and correct operation. This is the best place to shop online if you need your car fixed as soon as possible because we have multiple warehouses scattered all over the region to speed up shipping. Go ahead and order a new EGR check valve today and fix your car's fuel system for good.

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How to Clean an Electronic EGR Check Valve

The EGR valve recirculates exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber to optimize fuel delivery and make your ride more efficient. It also reduces the amount of pollutants emitted by the vehicle. If the EGR valve sticks or malfunctions, the air/fuel mixture will be affected, causing the engine valves to knock against the piston heads or the vehicle to idle rough. When you notice that there's something wrong with the EGR valve, inspect it right away. Sometimes, all you need is to clean the EGR valve to restore its functions. Here are the steps in cleaning an electronic EGR valve:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • Service manual
  • Pipe cleaner, toothbrush, or small-bristled brush
  • Carburetor cleaner
  • Wrenches
  • Sockets
  • Ratchet
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement mounting gasket

Step 1: To avoid short circuit, disengage the negative battery cable from the battery. This way, you can be sure that no current will flow through the system while you're cleaning the EGR valve.

Step 2: Disconnect and remove the sensors, hoses, and electrical connections you may come across with while doing the task.

Step 3: Loosen and remove the bolts so you can take off the EGR valve and gasket.

Step 4: Carefully check the gasket and hoses to know if they can be reused or if they already need replacement.

Step 5: Spray a carburetor cleaner into the valve and hoses. With a brush, eliminate the carbon buildup from the hoses; use a pintle in cleaning small holes. Avoid spraying the cleaner into the sensors or electrical connections.

Step 6: Put the EGR valve, gasket, and bolts back in place and reconnect the sensors and electrical connections.

Step 7: Engage the negative battery terminal.

Check if your newly cleaned EGR valve is functioning well; ask someone to rev the engine while you are checking for the plunger movement. The plunger must be able to open and close. If it does, that means the EGR valve is working well. If it doesn't, then the valve already needs a replacement.

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