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With the current issues in the environment, the world has become more conscious in the way people pollute the air. To help minimize emission of harmful gases, laws have set strict emission standards for all vehicles. Technology has been improved to allow automobiles to release less nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere; most internal combustion engines now have an EGR unit to reduce emissions. However, this component won't be effective without a fully functioning EGR pressure feedback sensor. This component is necessary to register the pressure difference between the tubes and see how much exhaust gas is flowing through the EGR system. Based on the information, this sensor controls the amount of voltage sent to the PCM so it could manage the actuator and allow it to function in proportion to the amount of gas flow. Once the sensor fails, the PCM won't get accurate information and may open the actuator widely, giving too much space for the air. The excessive recirculation combined with too much air inside the throttle body can cause a lean misfire, making the engine stumble or hesitate while running. Checking the EGR pressure feedback sensor every 30k miles or less is necessary to make sure it is fully functional and avoid unnecessary damage to the engine. This can be done even by beginner DIYers; all you need to do is to pull up your sensor and check the reading against the specification. The reading is usually somewhere between .6 to 1 volt. You should also check the reading while the engine is idle. You can try removing the vacuum line to the EGR valve to isolate the control of the EGR system. Once you find that it doesn't match the expected reading, it's probably time to repair or replace your sensor. Purchase a new EGR pressure feedback sensor only here at Auto Parts Warehouse to enjoy great savings, high level of craftsmanship, and long-term durability. By upgrading your automobile with the right set of parts, you will be able to enjoy it at its peak performance every time. What's more, Auto Parts Warehouse offers quick order processing, secure payment gateways, and reliable international shipping, all to ensure our customers benefit from hassle-free shopping. So stop waiting any longer, start shopping now! If you have questions, comments, and other concerns, don't hesitate to call our 24/7 toll-free hotline number. Our team of professional representatives are ready to help you out.

Buying Guides

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EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor: How to Find the Right One

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve allows your vehicle to be more efficient in completely burning your fuel by recirculating a small portion of your exhaust gasses back into the engine's combustion chamber. You'll get better mileage and less noxious emissions when you have this device installed on your car or truck. A common problem that occurs in this device is when the EGR pressure feedback sensor starts to fail, causing it to send wrong data to your EGR valve. This will result in rough idling and poor acceleration so you'll need to replace this sensor right away.

Clean it or replace it?

Most of the time, you simply have to clean your EGR valve and the entire system will work like new again. Since the EGR valve reuses exhaust fumes, the valve could collect a buildup of carbon deposits, which could block it and cause idling and acceleration problems. You can easily take out the EGR valve and clean it with some mild solvent. If this doesn't solve the problem, then you'd better have a qualified mechanic take a look at it for you, or you can use a scan tool to narrow down your EGR valve's problem. No amount of cleaning can fix your EGR valve, especially the EGR pressure feedback sensor sensor, so we strongly advise that you replace it ASAP.

How much do I need to spend?

Don't worry, the EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor is a small and inexpensive device that you could easily install yourself. Most sensors would run somewhere between $50 to $100, and you could easily find OEM replacements from trusted retailers online. You don't need to confuse yourself with special features or added benefits from these sensors, they pretty much work the same way. You just need to make sure that you get one that is made specifically for your vehicle's make and model, and you're good to go. We recommend that you check your vehicle's manual for information regarding the EGR pressure feedback sensor, so you could easily make an informed choice when buying a replacement online.

Repair Guides

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How to Replace Your Car's EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor

The EGR pressure feedback sensor on your vehicle is responsible for monitoring the amount of exhaust gases in your engine system and recirculating these gases back for a more complete burn. The sensor itself looks like a small rectangular box and is commonly found near the side of the intake. The most common problem associated with a faulty EGR sensor would be idling issues, which could result in lower fuel efficiency, so it's best to have it replaced ASAP. Don't bother wasting money by hiring a mechanic since this is a DIY task that you can easily finish in your own garage. All you'll need would be a wrench and a replacement sensor along with a couple minutes of your time.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you'll need

  • Wrench set
  • Compatible EGR pressure feedback sensor
  • Car manual


Step 1: We advise you to work in a safe and open area where you'll have enough room to work with. Allow your vehicle's engine to cool down before you start working, since you will be dealing with components that could get very hot and you could burn yourself if you aren't careful.

Step 2: Begin by disconnecting the negative battery cable from your car's battery, so you would avoid accidental electrocutions or short circuiting your sensor.

Step 3: Locate the EGR pressure feedback sensor, which is usually located near the master brake cylinder and the heater hoses on your engine firewall. If you need help locating this particular sensor, then you might want to browse your manual, as it could be located in a different place in your vehicle.

Step 4: Once you've found the EGR sensor, you simply need to loosen the bolts that are securing it in place so you could pull it off from its mount. Disconnect the wires and rubber vacuum hoses that are connected to the sensor and you should be able to pull it out entirely.

Step 5: From here, all you'll need to do is reattach the hoses and wires to your replacement EGR pressure feedback sensor and bolt it back into place.

Step 6: Reattach your negative battery cable to your car's battery and you're done!

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