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In order to control the EGR valve, it's important that your car's EGR assembly is equipped with a properly working EGR Vacuum Solenoid. With the valve working properly, you can be sure that your car's EGR will never fail you. Once the factory EGR Vacuum Solenoid of your car gets damaged, you need to get a high-quality replacement right away. When it comes to that, there's only one place for you to go and it is here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our store's EGR vacuum solenoids have been designed using top-caliber techniques to ensure that they will never fail. Apart from that, they were subjected to the toughest tests so that they'll never get damaged easily. Without a doubt, our EGR Vacuum Solenoid is the best replacement that you can find on the market today. To get it, just browse our store and type the brand that you're looking for. In just a few seconds, our store will show you the most suitable EGR vacuum solenoids for your car. At Auto Parts Warehouse, you can get the best auto parts and accessories at the most affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Place your order here at our store today!

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Clean Air with an EGR Vacuum Solenoid

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system is a way for cars to release cleaner emissions from the combustion engine. With the help of an EGR vacuum solenoid, some of the exhaust gas is returned to the intake manifold to be reused in the combustion process. A bad solenoid does not only mean harmful emissions. A faulty regulator may lead to poor acceleration, a rough ride, or an engine stall. With a few instructions, you'd be able to replace your EGR vacuum solenoid in a few simple steps.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed:

  • Socket wrench set
  • Ratchet wrench set
  • New EGR vacuum solenoid

Step 1: Turn off the engine and put it in park. Since we are working with an electrical component, disconnect the battery.

Step 2: Locate the EGR vacuum solenoid. This is usually found near the EGR valve by the upper portion of the engine. Disconnect the electric wires and the two vacuum hoses on the base.

Step 3: With your socket wrench, remove the two bolts securing the solenoid to the intake manifold. Take off the regulator from the engine once all connections are off.

Step 4: Install the new vacuum solenoid. Reverse the disassembly procedure. Reattach the two bolts to secure it on the intake manifold. Next, reconnect the vacuum hoses. Plug in the wires last.

Step 5: Plug the battery and run the engine to warm up the solenoid. Test if the solenoid is properly installed. Feel if the engine is smooth and responsive.

This quick installation will take about 20 minutes.


  1. Some car models have a throttle cover that encases the EGR system. You can access the vacuum solenoid with a ratchet wrench.
  2. The device relies on computer commands to work properly. Because of this, wiring problems are common with the EGR vacuum solenoid. It is advisable to do a checkup on the wires as well when doing an EGR repair. Check the vacuum hoses too if it also needs maintenance and replacement.

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