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The loss of your car's emblem may not affect your vehicle's performance, but it certainly has a negative impact on your ride's appearance. Whether you lost this metal component when you replaced your grille, or it simply fell off after rust settled in—your vehicle just doesn't look the same without it. Beyond making it easier for consumers to identify a car's make, emblems are there to bring a dash of class to a vehicle's appearance. Lost emblems don't just affect your ride's looks; they also pull down your car's resale value. No matter how new-looking your car appears, it's all for naught if your vehicle's potential buyer can't tell if you're driving a Mazda or a Maserati. So if you really want to maximize your ride's value, then we suggest replacing lost emblems as soon as possible. The good thing about replacing emblems is that finding replacements won't be a problem. Look online and you'll find hundreds of retailers offering direct-fit replacement emblems. But if what you want is a quality Emblem that won't break the bank, then make sure you get your new metal logo from Auto Parts Warehouse. Our site has an extensive catalog filled with topnotch emblems that are sold at pocket-friendly prices. Whether you're cruising the streets in a Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Audi, Saab, Chevrolet, Ferrari, or a Toyota—we've got a great set of emblems for your car. We've got emblems that attach flat on your vehicle's metal panels, and those that stand upright. So check out our product selection today!

Buying Guides

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Dos and Don'ts When Replacing Your Car's Emblem

An emblem is a logo that gives your vehicle distinction; a badge that's attached in front, at the back, or on the sides. Without it, a car may be considered incomplete or even lose its value. Luckily, it can be bought easily. Here are some tips you should know before you change the emblem of your car:


  • Choose the emblem with the right make, model, and year. If you drive a Ford, then you should look for a Ford emblem. You have to watch out for the right year, though. Some manufacturers have already changed their logos several times. You have to determine the style of logo used on your car find the same type.
  • Attach an emblem on your vehicle that will make it look like a high-end model. You can actually increase the "value" of your car with the fraction of the cost. Emblems on the same line of your car like "3.0 Sport" or alike can easily give it a notch higher.
  • Look for aftermarket emblems that don't need drilling. There are emblems that come with adhesive that are very easy and fast to install.
  • Select among the three types of material: plastic, aluminum, or steel. These are the best types among emblems sold in the market today. You can also choose chrome, powder-coated black, or polished finish that fit with the style you want. If you want to go further and add your personal touch, you can also paint your car emblem.
  • Ready your soap and water to clean your regularly and to keep it looking brand new.


  • DO NOT mix different emblems on the same car. Not only will this look bad, it will also give the wrong impression on you as the driver or owner.
  • DO NOT copy or create a car manufacturer's logo and use it as a "tribute." You will risk yourself of an infringement law suit. If you really have to do it, you will need to secure permission or authorization to use the logo. The better thing to do is to look for an aftermarket emblem manufacturer that has been licensed and buy the logo from them.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove the hardened glue of an emblem that you will bring to a store as a comparison using rough or sharp material. It will destroy your car's paint job. By using a rag and alcohol or a lubricant like WD-40, the stubborn glue can easily be removed.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

An Easy Way to Attach Your Car's Emblem

It doesn't matter how spick-and-span your car looks; if an emblem is missing, consider your car powerless without that badge. However, you can easily replace it in a few easy steps under 20 minutes. Follow the guide below and bring back your car's recognition.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • Car cleaner
  • Screwdriver set
  • Clean towel
  • New emblem

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a level surface, and engage the parking brake.

Step 2: Determine where the emblem must be replaced and how it is held to the car. Some emblems require the hood or trunk be to opened. When necessary, be sure these are supported properly.

Step 3: If the emblem is held by screws, tabs or it's a part of an assembly, remove it using the screwdrivers. If the emblem is glued by an adhesive, peel it off, and clean the area.

Step 4:Take your new emblem and hold it in place before you attach the screws or peel off the cover. Make sure the emblem is in a correct, straight position.

Step 5: Attach the screws or stick the emblem with adhesive. Apply moderate pressure for about 2 minutes to ensure the adhesive bonds on the car.

Step 6: Wipe the area where you have placed your new emblem, and remove any visible adhesive.

That's how easy installing an emblem is. Check out the portion below on how to keep it sparkling.

Cleaning Tips: Keep your new emblem in good condition by using a spray lubricant and a clean cloth to wipe it. You can also use wax and a foam pad, but be careful because these can loosen the stick of the emblem. For tough dirt, use a toothbrush with wax and scrub gently. Finish by wiping it off with a clean towel. These are simple techniques you can do to maintain your emblem, and feel like a pro.

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