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Having total control over your vehicle will let you get the best performance possible from it. This control will surely improve your driving experience and make you look forward each day to get in your car and hit the road. With a premium-quality Engine Control Module, such ease of control is well within your reach. Also referred to as the powertrain control module, the Engine Control Module (ECM) lets you regulate the functions of your engine components, together with the emissions system and timing. It also controls your car's idle speed and sustains the speed set by your cruise control. The module also determines the amount of fuel needed by your engine and detects problems with specific components of your car. It then sets the appropriate code, which helps the mechanic to accurately pinpoint your car's problem. So, when your ECM starts to malfunction, you should quickly replace it to continue enjoying its benefits. Get the perfect Engine Control Module from us here at Auto Parts Warehouse right now. Visit our parts catalog today to find the highest quality products that are guaranteed to perform beyond your expectations. We guarantee non-stop customer support for your critical parts needs, secured purchases for your peace of mind, flexible payment choices for your utmost convenience, and express parts shipping for your immediate repair or replacement jobs. Get this part today!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Car Brains with an Engine Control Module

Car Brains with an Engine Control Module

When buying a new engine control module (ECM), it is important to understand what it exactly does. As the "brain" of the car, it analyzes information to automatically manage and control engine performance. This information comes from different sensors that send data to the ECM.

ECM Functions

  • Air/Fuel Ratio: An ECM measures the air and fuel mixture inside an engine cylinder during combustion. Depending on various factors such (gas pedal pressure, engine temperature, etc.), it automatically injects the right amount of fuel that will give enough power.
  • Ignition Timing: In cases where the spark plugs ignite earlier or later during the compression stroke, the ECM automatically corrects the timing and sequencing right. This is done to avoid knocking which can badly hurt the engine.
  • Idle Speed: During idling, when the engine is least needed, the ECM adjusts the power output so that fuel is not wasted.
  • Valve Timing: For engines with variable valve timing, the ECM adjusts the opening of these valves to allow the right amount of air in depending on the car's speed.

Aftermarket ECMs

With the many capabilities of an ECM, its accuracy can greatly affect the engine. While a stock ECM does those tasks well, an upgraded one does better in improving engine performance. Some aftermarket units are pre-programmed to fit certain models to bring out the best performance from its engine.

Programmable ECMs are for serious tuners, or those with highly tuned car. Using a spreadsheet program, a tuner can put more accurate engine settings to maximize the engine's potential. Some of the many areas programmable ECMs can control are the following: RPM limit, water temperature, gear control, transient fueling. It is advisable to buy this for a more customized, personalized setup for your car.

Make sure to buy only from a trusted and proven brand to ensure the quality of your purchase. Your car's engine is too valuable to risk being controlled by a faulty computer.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Replacing the Engine Control Module

A car's engine control module (ECM) is a computer system that acts as the "brain" of a car. This little computer analyzes lots of information in order to control the car's performance. When the ECM fails, it will greatly hurt the engine's performance. At its worst, a bad ECM may even result to a car not starting.

Here is a simple guide to help you replace a broken ECM.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools Needed:

  • Wrench set
  • Socket Set
  • Replacement ECM

Step 1: Before beginning, make sure that the car is turned off. Remove the battery cables with a socket wrench. Don't forget to ground yourself afterwards to avoid damaging the computer chip.

Step 2: Locate the car's ECM. The location differs from model to model. It can be placed in the engine compartment, passenger floorboard, under the seats, or behind the kick panels. Refer to your car owner's manual for guidance.

Step 3: Remove all the bolts and brackets that hold the ECM in place.

Step 4: Slightly pull the ECM out just enough to disconnect all the plugs behind it. Make sure that the plugs' ends do not bend. Once free, completely pull out the ECM.

Step 5: For cars that have a PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) chip, remove the PROM from the old ECM and simply insert it to the PROM slot of the replacement ECM.

Step 6: Reconnect all the plugs to the new ECM and place the unit back to its place. Return all the holdings and brackets to secure the ECM.

Step 7: Start the car and let it idle for about 5 minutes. If there are any problems, the "Check Engine" indicator will light up.

ECM replacement can be done in 30 minutes.

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