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Not satisfied with the performance of your engine anymore? Well, there are many things that you can do in order to bring back the powerful character of your car engine. You can get certain upgrades like a higher-performance intake or exhaust (to get more air and improve exhaust flow). You can mount power-enhancing add-ons like a spoiler (to reduce vehicle drag). Or, you can enjoy the most benefits by getting an engine rebuild kit. This kit is a complete package that includes such parts as pistons, cams and lifters, as well as smaller hardware like pistons rings and seals. This is ideal for restoring a worn and aging engine in order to bring back the excellent performance that it once had. This is also great if you have an engine with some of its parts functioning poorly. Instead of replacing the entire engine, you can simply rebuild it and replace just the part that is of poor quality-you'll be able to save a lot more on costs, plus you won't be adding some more waste into the environment. And of course, if you get an entire engine rebuild kit instead of shopping for the individual components that you need to do a rebuild or restoration, you'll be able to enjoy a complete set of parts that include even the smallest items-no need to waste time and effort shopping for individual components. And if you love tinkering with your auto, rebuilding your car engine using this new kit is sure to be so much fun.We at Auto Parts Warehouse have a complete selection of engine rebuild kits and other repair kits for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Each engine rebuild kit that we offer is made for DIYers, easy enough to work with even if you have minimum knowledge about automobiles. All kits also contain high-quality components that are not only durable but are also guaranteed to function well even in the harshest conditions. Here in our site, we offer all these at very reasonable prices. They even come with a Low Price Guarantee, and you can enjoy free shipping of the said parts if your order reaches or exceeds $50. We accept major credit cards, and you can also pay through PayPal when you shop here. If you're running short on budget at the moment, we have a Bill Me Later program that you can avail of. Enjoy all these when you shop for a new engine rebuild kit.

Buying Guides

Date Published :

The Perfect Engine Rebuild Kit

Working on an engine is an inexpensive way of doing maintenance and a quick tune-up. Rather than go to shops looking for all the different bits and pieces you will need, manufacturers have gone through the trouble of packaging all the parts in one purchase for you to perform an engine rebuild. If you don't know your way around, buying one can be as complicated as working on the engine itself. Here are some guidelines to help you pick the perfect kit.

Know your purpose

Figure out first what you want to do with your engine. Ask yourself some questions. What are the worn-out parts you need to replace? Do you need to tinker with the whole engine, or are only the pistons in need of attention? Do you want to make your engine more powerful? Is the engine even worth rebuilding, or is a complete replacement better? This will not only help you pick out the right kit, but also help in setting a goal for yourself with the whole repair.

Measure everything

Engines come in different shapes and sizes. For example, bores can be wider or narrower; camshafts can be longer or shorter compared to others. Measure all the dimensions you can find. Count also the number of parts you will need. Only a fool would buy a kit for a 4-cylinder if the engine is a 6-cylinder. These are just some of the few things you need to count before buying a set. With all these numbers in hand, refer to the supplier's catalogue to see if they have the right kit for you.

Get only what you need

By this time, you should've already set a plan for yourself as to what you want to do with your engine. This will help you in picking the exact contents your kit will need. Manufactures know that not everyone needs a complete engine rebuild. Some just want to work on their pistons, while others would only want to tinker only the frame itself. Aside from the basic rebuild set, there are also high performance kits available for those who want to get more power out of the engine.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Overview of an Engine Rebuild

Working on an engine is a very tricky and complicated process. There are plenty of vital parts and technical information you have to take note off. Doing a repair at your personal shop is not recommended, unless you are a very experienced mechanic. This guide will give you a very general overview of the process to guide you. Consult other resources for an in-depth guide.

Difficulty level: Hard

Tools needed:

  • Soap and water
  • Engine stand
  • Complete wrench and socket set
  • Engine oil
  • Oil pump primer
  • Assembly lube
  • Plugs and sealers
  • Engine rebuild kit

Step 1: Engines are very sensitive to dirt so it is important to clean your work area. Give your tables and floors a wash. Your tools should be clean as well.

Step 2: Drain the oil first. Overhaul and disassemble your engine. Wash all the parts too with soap and water. Arrange them in based on how they are assembled. Rub oil on the bores and cylinder walls.

Step 3: Return all freeze, cam and galley plugs.

Step 4: Insert the cylinder sleeves, and then match the pistons the cylinders. Check the user's manual to get the right measurements of each piston to the cylinder. Install the piston rings after. Finish by placing the pistons inside.

Step 5: Turn the engine upside-down on the engine block, install the camshaft and bearings. Use lubrication to make things easier.

Step 6: Replace the crankshaft next along with its caps and bolts to set the torque. Remember to check clearance of the crankshaft with the engine.

Step 7: Install all the timing gears, chains, and belts.

Step 8: Place the rod cap and secure with rod nuts.

Step 9: Turn the engine right side up and install the head gaskets, cylinder heads, torque heads, and all the other valves.

Step 10: Prime the oil pump. Next, prime the engine with a drill motor

Because of the complexity of the process, a thorough rebuild will take days to complete.


  • Label all the parts to help you with reinstallation. You can also record a video of yourself doing the disassembly.
  • Don't hesitate to let an expert do the rebuild for you.
  • Have lots of patience, and you'll earn an improved engine

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