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Mufflers and Auto Exhaust: There are thousands of reasons to replace your auto exhaust system or muffler. You can tweak your power levels and lower your engine temperatures replacing the exhaust and muffler system. Buying new exhaust and mufflers is also one of the easiest ways to soup up your favorite ride. Our online catalog has what you're looking for at irresistible prices. We never sell our parts at retail pricing. Everything we offer is always sold at low, wholesale pricing! What are you waiting for? Our sites the number one spot on the web to buy auto exhaust and mufflers! Find out why when you see the high quality and low prices you thought you'd never find! Brands: Flowmaster Exhaust, Ansa Exhaust, Bosal Exhaust, Borla Exhaust, Gibson Exhaust, Magnaflow Exhaust, Dynomax Exhaust & Pacesetter Exhaust

Buying Guides

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How To Select The Right Muffler

The muffler serves to minimize the noise produced by the engine. It is also needed to lessen emissions, so your vehicle can pass state-required smog tests. For a muffler to function properly for a long period of time, it has to be made of durable material, such as aluminum, fiber glass, or steel wool.

More Power or Less Noise?

A standard muffler reduces the noise coming from the engine, but it usually impacts the performance of a vehicle. Its design consists of a backbox that has chambers and cylinders where the pressure waves are bounced around. These chambers and cylinders are like finely tuned musical instruments. They are made to reflect the sound waves generated by the engine in a way that they cancel each other out. However, standard mufflers cause an increase of back pressure, which results in lower engine efficiency.

But, there is a high performance muffler that is made up of a straight steel pipe with perforations. With its design, hardly any backpressure is created. It's just that this component only cancels a little bit of the engine's sound. Because of this, it was called a "cherry bomb." This kind of muffler is commonly used in hot rods and vintage vehicles.

Different Types of Mufflers

There are several muffler designs to choose from. But, be sure that the one you pick can directly fit your automobile. Here are different types of mufflers:

  • Spiral Baffle Muffler - for regular automobiles, has a spiral-shaped baffle system.
  • Vector Muffler - for bigger diesel trucks, makes use of several concentric cones.
  • Aero Turbine Muffler - produces partial vacuums at precisely spaced out time intervals to create negative back pressure. It efficiently takes out the exhaust from combustion cylinders.
  • Split, Delay, Merge Muffler - uses detouring pipes for practically no back pressure and adjustable exhaust sound.
  • Flowmaster Muffler - has a less constricting construction than a normal stock resonator muffler.
  • Corsa Performance Muffler ? combines straight-through and resonating technology to eliminate noise and enhance efficiency.

So, determine what you want to get from a muffler to be able to pick the best one for your ride.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can find OEM-quality mufflers that are as low as 15 USD. There are also ones that are sold for more than 800 USD. The majority of aftermarket replacement mufflers are between 50 to 300 USD.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

A Quick Guide to DIY Muffler Installation

Replacing a muffler is one of the easiest things to do in terms of restoring your vehicle's proper functions. It is something that can be accomplished without a lot of complexities. All you need are basic tools and you are ready to do the job.

(Note: These are general instructions for all types of vehicles.)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Things Needed:

  • Floor jack
  • Ramps or jack stands
  • A variety of wrenches and ratchets
  • Propane torch
  • Hammer
  • Hacksaw
  • Lubricant
  • Exhaust hangers
  • Rag and cleaner
  • Protective glasses
  • Gloves
  • Replacement nuts and bolts
  • Replacement gaskets
  • New muffler
  1. Go near your muffler, which is located under the rear section of your vehicle.
  2. Elevate your automobile using a jack and have it supported by ramps or jack stands. You should not get under your car with only a jack supporting it.
  3. Closely inspect the setup of your muffler. There should be three or four bolts in every pipe to keep it in place. The muffler should be connected to your vehicle's body with rubber muffler hangers.
  4. Spray the bolts thoroughly with a penetrating lubricant to take the rust out. After a while, see if you can remove them. If the bolts are extremely rusted, you may have to spray it liberally again and let it sit for a day before you can take them out.
  5. Use the floor jack to get the muffler sufficiently elevated, so there will be less tension on the muffler hangers. After that, you can pull the hangers off with your hands.
  6. Remove the bolts on the mufflers using wrenches or ratchets. If the lubricant wasn't able to loosen the bolts, you may have to use a propane torch to get them out. Be careful in applying heat to the bolts.
  7. Take out your old muffler.
  8. Put in your new muffler by using new bolts nuts. Be sure to put replacement gaskets in between the two sections of exhaust.
  9. Use new exhaust hangers to hang your new muffler from the body of your vehicle.
  10. Get the muffler at the right height by lowering the floor jack. Tighten the bolts of the muffler hanger brackets for it to be firmly attached.
  11. Take away the floor jack. Start your automobile to see if the attachment points have leaks. If you notice a leak, you may have to reinstall the gaskets.
  12. If there are no leaks, then you can turn your engine off. After that, lower your vehicle to the ground. It's finally finished!

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