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Exhaust Cutout Products

If you want to get a car accessory that will give your engine better acceleration minus the noise, then getting an exhaust cutout is definitely perfect for you. This particular component is easy to identify for its unique Y shape, and it is usually attached at the exhaust pipe on the driver's side of the vehicle. However, some choose to do it the other way around and attach theirs right before the muffler at the rear of the car. Primarily, this particular component functions by bypassing the remaining exhaust in your system. In doing so, the exhaust cutout makes its easier for your engine to exhale those unwanted and hazardous gasses. When your engine is able to breathe more freely, it is able to churn out more horsepower and torque. In the end, adding this special component makes your engine work better than the usual. Attaching this accessory is also known to reduce the unnecessary noise coming from your system every time you accelerate. So if you want to race the track quietly, then this auto part is the best thing you can get. There are two types of cutouts available in the market manual and electric. Manual types are really easy to install and you can easily unbolt its cover to open up your exhaust. On the other hand, electric ones operate with the use of a switch. With just one click, your exhaust will instantly open or close. So if you choose to get the electric one, you can easily control your exhaust cutout inside the comforts of your automobile.If you want to get an exhaust cutout that you can always rely on, don't go anywhere else and find it right here at Auto Parts Warehouse the leading source of first-rate auto parts and accessories on the web. Get what you need from our site's extensive yet easy-to-use catalog that contains no less than the best brands in the industry. If ever you have a hard time looking for a particular item, don't hesitate and call us right away. Our team of customer service representatives will be ready to help you out in every way they can all the time. You'll definitely enjoy shopping here in our website because we offer the best deals in the market, made possible by our low price guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Start surfing through our site to find the exhaust cutout that best fits your ride and order it right away!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Which Type of Exhaust Cutout Should You Get?

If you're looking to transform your already impressive ride into a beast on the racetrack, then you may want to furnish it with an exhaust cutout. An exhaust cutout is basically a bypass mechanism-it allows the exhaust gases to immediately exit the system without having to go through the proper exhaust channels. This of course improves air flow, which in turn boosts engine performance.

Exhaust Cutout Placement

Basically, it's your call. Exhaust cutouts can be mounted on various areas of the exhaust system. Most exhaust cutout users place it either near the header collector or around the meeting point of the passenger's and the driver's side pipes.

Exhaust Cutout Types

There are several types of exhaust cutouts. While there are differences among them, they pretty much function in the same manner.

Manual Cutout

As you perhaps gathered, this type of cutout is the most basic kind. A manual cutout has a block-off plate that you'll have to remove every time you drive on the racetrack. Naturally, you'll have to put the plate back when you revert to driving on regular roads since cutouts can be really noisy.

Semi-Automatic Cutout

Unlike a manual cutout, you won't have to go under your car to open the block-off plate in order to free up air flow. Instead, a semi-automatic cutout employs a butterfly valve that you can control via the pull of a cable.

Electric Cutout

Just like a semi-automatic cutout, an electric cutout has a butterfly valve as well. The difference is that the valve can be operated with a simple flick of a switch instead of pulling a cable.

As said above, all types of exhaust cutouts work well. But for convenience purposes, you may want either a semi-automatic cutout or an electric cutout. However, a manual cutout is sufficient if you drive your car exclusively on a racetrack.


The price of an exhaust cutout largely depends on its type. Naturally, manual cutouts are the cheapest (there are variants that are available for as low as $30) while electric cutouts can cost more than a hundred dollars.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Boost Performance: How to Install Exhaust Cutouts

You know the rule for automotive air flow-the better it is, the better the engine performance becomes. And one of the quickest ways to improve air flow is to install an exhaust cutout. With an exhaust cutout, you can enjoy the perks of open headers without having to extensively rework your exhaust system.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to install a non-electrical exhaust cutout properly. There's no need to worry as the process isn't that difficult even if you're not a seasoned DIYer. Also, it'll only take you several minutes to turn your car from a regular performance car to one that's race-ready.

Note: You can choose to install the exhaust cutout in various points of the exhaust system. In this guide, we'll be placing it near the header collectors.

Difficulty level: Moderate

  • Car lift
  • Welding tool
  • Wrench
  • Marker/Chalk
  • Tail pipe cutter

Step 1: Raise your car with a lift.

Step 2: Grab your welding tool and weld the header collector ring into the cutout. If you're having difficulty in placing the cutouts in your desired location due to clearance issues, you can add pipe extenders to remedy that.

Step 3: Now, take your wrench and use it to remove the bolts of the tail pipe. Set the pipe aside for the meantime.

Step 4: Connect the exhaust cutout to the header collectors. Its manner of attachment to the header collectors is the same as that of a regular tail pipe, thus there shouldn't be any problems here.

Step 5: Get the tail pipe that you removed earlier and measure it against the exhaust cutout. That should give you an idea where to cut the tail pipe. Mark the spot where you'll be cutting pipe afterwards. This is very crucial, so make sure that your measurement is correct.

Step 6: Cut the tail pipe based on your measurement. Remember, it's better to undercut than to overcut since cutting is much easier than adding extra metal.

Step 7: Once your tail pipe has been cut properly, it's time to attach it to the end of the exhaust cutout. Hopefully, you have someone to assist you since you're going to need his help. Have your assistant hold both the tail pipe and the exhaust cutout while you weld them together. Be sure to weld the two completely to avoid leaks. Bring your car back to the ground once you're done.

Congratulations on your exhaust cutout installation! Remove the block-off plates whenever you require the use of your exhaust cutout.

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