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Are you looking forward to upgrading your car's performance and looks? Then get an aftermarket Exhaust Pipe from us right now! This part not only makes your car look polished, but also adds muscle to your engine. It does this by allowing exhaust gas to exit the engine chamber quickly. This leads to a more efficient engine performance since it helps the engine breathe better and more quickly. Some aftermarket pipes also give a tougher, more kick-ass appeal to your ride with their deeper, richer growl. Some of the best exhaust pipes are the ones that were molded using the system known as Mandrel bending. Mandrel-bent pipes are proven to yield better performance than those that are constructed traditionally. When shopping for an Exhaust Pipe, see if the material used is tough, such as aluminized steel or stainless steel, to ensure long life. Check also if the style and finish of the pipe can add appeal to your ride and won't make it look awful. Get the best Exhaust Pipe here at Auto parts Warehouse today. We offer an extensive array of discounted automotive parts and accessories that are known to perform and last long. If you want affordable parts that don't perform cheap, buy our products. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

What to Look for in a Good Exhaust Pipe

How often do you look at your car's exhaust pipe? Do you even think about it?

That tiny piece of metal protruding at the back of your car may be one of, if not the most frequently ignored part of the car. Maybe because of its size or its location, which is at the farthest the eyes can see, you don't really pay so much attention to the tailpipe.

Yes, the exhaust pipe is just a minuscule part of the vehicle but its importance is incomparable to its size. Without the tailpipe, all the waste gases from the combustion engine remain inside. The exhaust pipe is the only outlet where gas emissions exit.

As a part of the whole exhaust system, the pipe is always exposed to high temperature, vibration, dirt, that makes is prone to corrosion. A good exhaust pipe should be able to withstand all of these, so if you want to maximize the power of your tailpipe, here are some of the features that a good pipe should have.

A good exhaust pipe resists corrosion.

Extremely hot temperature, high humidity, and other weather factors can lead to corrosion. If you are shopping for a pipe, you should pick the one that is made from high-grade materials that can combat rust. Pipes made from stainless steel are 100% rust resistant. They are very durable; they can last the life of your car.

A good exhaust pipe can hold up high temperature.

Most pipes are made from iron and steel and these materials conduct heat. Some metals, when exposed to heat, they corrode and change color easily. Also, pure metals are too heavy and hard to be made into pipes. Good thing there are nickel-chromium-based alloys that are commonly used for making exhaust pipes. These alloys are lighter and more malleable than other metals. At high temperature, these alloys remain strong. Most pipe manufacturer use this kind of metal because they can be shaped and cut into thin sheets and yet remains highly adaptive to extreme heat.

A good exhaust pipe does not chip or flake.

Over time, tailpipes become weak and fragile. Old exhaust pipes tend to chip and flake as if they are decaying. The oxidation process is what makes the pipe become just like that. So again, when buying an exhaust pipe, look for the ones that are made from silicon-molybdenum cast iron or spheroidal graphite. These materials are proven to be strong against the effects of oxidation.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

A Guide to changing your Car's Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipe is the one responsible for the final task of the whole exhaust system in a car-to let the noxious gases out of the engine. The exhaust pipe serves as an outlet where all these emissions or smoke come out.

From all these smoke, dirt, heat, and vibrations, the exhaust pipe is frequently exposed. Your car's exhaust pipe accumulates a lot of filth and pollution that clogs the pipe's walls. There also comes a time when rust eventually destroys the entire pipe. This means that once in your car's lifetime, you might need to change the tailpipe.

Replacing the pipe on your car is not that difficult as long as you have the right tools and pieces of equipment. Always check your vehicle's manual as well for repair tips and guides. If you want to take the challenge of installing a new exhaust pipe, here is what you need to do.

How difficult is it? Moderate

How long does it take? 30 minutes

You need the following:

  • Screwdriver
  • WD-40 wrench
  • Impact gun
  • New exhaust pipe
  • Car jack or ramp

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Read your car's manual to know which type of tailpipe you should buy as a replacement. The year, model, and type of your vehicle may require a specific size of a pipe. You may also ask the help of store personnel if you feel a little confused.

Step 2:You must lift the rear part of your car because you need to work on that part. You may use a ramp or jack. Ensure that the vehicle stands firmly on the ramp to avoid accidents.

Step 3: Locate the old exhaust pipe. You can see that a clamp holds the pipe in place. By removing the clamp, you can detach the pipe from the entire exhaust system. Carefully lift the clamp.

Step 4: You would notice that the pipe is still connected to the exhaust manifold. You must remove all the bolts that hold the pipe to the manifold. The pipe may be old and some bolts are rusted and hard to take off. You can use a wrench or the impact gun to loosen these stubborn bolts. After this, remove the exhaust manifold completely.

Step 5: Disconnect the pipe's hanger. The hanger is what holds the pipe to the vehicle's body. Again, you can use your wrench to take off the bolts that attaches the pipe to the hanger.

Step 6: Remove the old pipe from the car. Get ready to install the new one. Insert the new exhaust pipe around the port. Make sure that it fits well. Once it is in place, fasten the bolts again.

Step 7: Attach the pipe hanger again, return the manifold and tighten the bolts again. Once you're finished, you should check if the pipe is aligned with your car's bumper.

Step 8: Lower your car, clean your tools, then you're done!

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