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Floor Liner

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Fear rainy days no more! No matter how wet it is outside, you can still protect your vehicle flooring from the water and mud that your shoes may carry inside as long as you mount a durable floor liner. A liner is a protective material that can shield the floor of your vehicle from elements that may cause damage—dust and dirt, snow and water, and even the wear and tear caused by the contact of your shoes with the floor. This way, you can avoid rust and corrosion and can keep your vehicle floor in top shape for a long time. If you're in the market searching for the right floor liner, there are a few features that you need to look for. One, the liner should be tough. It must be crafted from materials that won't easily get damaged. Two, it should have channels built into it and must have lips at the edges. These will help in containing water, preventing leaks into the floor. Three, the liner should have a non-skid backing to ensure that it won't move around when mounted in place. And when it comes to a floor liner with all these characteristics, you will find all you need here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Shop here today!

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Date Published:

Keeping the Car Floor Covered and Protected with a Reliable Floor Liner

Just imagine the dirt and sludge that you drag into the vehicle through your footwear. Good thing, thereís a floor liner to keep your car flooring safe from rust and damage caused by mud, water, dust, and grime. Come rain or snow, you wonít have to worry about the flooring being torn and beaten up by harsh elements.

Floor liner material

The liner can be made using different materials; choose a material most suitable to your needs and preferences. If you want a soft cushion and something that looks comfortable and elegant, get a carpet floor liner. It comes in various designs, patterns, and colors to blend well with the car interior. If you want a liner thatís quite easy to use and clean, rubber material is a good option. It can effectively resist heat and doesnít wear out easily. Meanwhile, if youíre looking for a molded liner with a nice touch top surface, a good choice would be a thermoplastic liner. Vinyl is another practical choice since it can contain spills and doesnít wear out easily, which liners that use synthetic padding have some good weather features. They can keep the cabin warmer or cooler. Other floor liner materials offer varied textures, features, and designs.

Type of floor liner

The style of the liner can range from all-weather types to carpet. All-weather floor liners are specially designed to resist harsh weather elements. So whether itís extremely hot and dusty or itís cold and wet outside, these liners can provide the needed protection against common threats to the car interior. For those looking for a soft cushion and something comfortable, plush, and luxurious, a popular choice would be carpet floor liners. Some of the liners also come with special designs or themes. They may be printed with a logo, brand, or other iconic or famous designs.

Neat features

Some of the neat features a liner can have are channels that filter snow, dirt, liquid, and mud; contoured edges or raised lip to hold spills; anti-slip surface; stain-free, fire-retardant, waterproof, mold- and mildew-resistant design; and heat shields to minimize heat and noise.

Product fit

Floor liners come as universal options, direct-fit items, or in a trim-to-fit design. Direct-fit liners hug the curves and fit the contours of the floor perfectly, while universal liners can be used on a wide variety of vehicles. Some liners can be trimmed to match the size or shape that you want.

Size and Location

Floor liners may come in a set or ordered by piece. Get a floor liner for a specific area of the car flooring, whether itís for the front or rear section, the second row, or the passenger or driver side.

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Date Published:

How to Keep the Floor Liner Clean and In Good Condition

The floor liner of the vehicle can be beat up easily, not just when you step on it but when your footwear leaves behind some dirt that can get stuck on the cover. Stains from your food or spills from your drinks can also mess up the liner. Good thing is, liners can be cleaned quite easily. Do this regularly to make sure that it stays in best shape. Hereís how you should clean the liner of your vehicle:

Difficulty level: Easy

Things youíll need:

  • Scrub brush or car vacuum
  • Detergent or special cleaner

Step 1: Check the floor liner for areas that are heavily stained with dirt or have hard-to-remove grime. These need to be scrubbed or cleaned more thoroughly.

Step 2: Use a scrub brush to scrape dirt from the liner. Another option is to use a specialized car vacuum.

Step 3: Wash the liner using detergent or a special cleaner for carpet or rubber. Use a brush to scrub away dirt. Carpet and all-weather floor liners may even be soaked overnight to remove deep-seated dirt and stains.

Step 4: Rinse the liner thoroughly. Make sure that thereís no more cleaner or detergent left on it. You may hose it off or use a pressure washer to effectively wash away dirt and any soap or cleaner residue. Check if the liner is rinsed thoroughly before you hang it to dry.

Step 5: Leave the liner to dry completely. Once dry, you can place it back on the car flooring where itís used.

Some reminders

  • Some floor liners canít be machine washed. This may result in tears and holes. Read the labels to know the safe way of cleaning or washing them.
  • Soaking is best for carpet and all-weather floor liners and covers with similar materials but may not be the best solution for rubber or vinyl liners.
  • A scrub brush with hard bristles and a convenient handle should be used to scrape away dirt on the liner easily.
  • A special type of cleaner may be used for carpet-type liners. Foam cleaner is a great choice for deep cleaning.
  • Detergent can be used on almost any type of floor liner for soaking and spot cleaning. Choose a non-chlorine based detergent for best results.