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Fog Light Bracket

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Fog Light Bracket Products

You sure want optimum safety in your drives, and you also want greater appeal-why don't you combine the two? With a fog light bracket, that's easy! This bracket is simply designed to hold your fog light and to keep it firm in place without any possibility of dangling or falling off. With firm fog light mounting, you can be sure that your ride will light up even the foggiest of roads. Other than fog light security, the bracket can also help you spice up your ride. It comes in different shapes and designs, and it's easy to choose the fog light bracket that will give you your desired results. You also have several options when it comes to the bracket's finish. Given the right bracket, you can mount fog lights into other areas in your ride to get a customized look. Some brackets enable the mounting of the fog lights on the sides of the grille guard while others allow light mounting on the frame hinge of the windshield. Whether you're after enhanced safety or better appeal, you can get the right fog light bracket here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer our parts at affordable prices, so you can shop anytime without budget worries.

Repair Guides

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Lighting 101: Changing Out Broken Fog Light Brackets

It's a hilarious clich? in old movies to have cars that drive around with one of their headlights popping out of its sockets. Unless you're the type that likes to drive around in what is, essentially, mobile commentary, then this is a scenario you don't want with your fog lights. Changing out broken fog light brackets is a cinch. All you have to put in is a lot of patience, and a lot of care in following our handy guide! This DIY will save you a lot of money and time-so let's get to it!

Difficulty level: Easy

Things you will need:

  • New fog light bracket
  • Your vehicle's manual
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Carefully inspect the fog light bracket for any damage. Take particular note of broken glass or busted filaments as these can hurt and injure you later on.

Step 2: Unplug the wiring harness from the rear of the fog lights.

*Note* Pull this out by gripping the point of attachment and not the wire. Pulling this by the wire could loosen, if not sever, the electrical wiring.

Step 3: Note the means of attachment and number of attachment points of the bracket-usually these are hex bolts that require a ratchet, sometimes they're ordinary screws.

Step 4: Remove these attachment points by the necessary means, and set them aside for later.

Step 5: Slip the bracket off from the fog lights.

*Note* Be very careful when performing this step as the bracket might snag on the other components of the fog light.

Step 6: Put in the new fog light bracket, and hold it in place with the mounting screws /or bolts you removed earlier.

Step 7: Tighten these mounting screws /or bolts securely.

*Note* Do not over-tighten the screws as you might end up crushing the bracket.

Step 8: Re-attach the wiring harness to the fog lights.

Step 9: Start your ride to verify that the installation was successful!

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