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Friction bearing

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Are you aware there are different types of bearings? It's true. You'll find most of these types in your car's various systems. See, the word "bearing" usually refers to a component that reduces friction. However, different types of machinery require different types of bearings. One of these bearings is the Friction Bearing. Unlike antifriction bearings, friction bearings don't have sliding nor moving parts. Rather, this type of bearing has a fixed, non-moving surface. It's also typically made up of machined-metal or pressed-in bushing. Now when it comes to your car, this bearing's soft consistency prevents foreign matter from spreading in the engine. Despite its purpose, friction bearings call for good lubrication to separate the moving element from the fixed component. That's why it's important you maintain these bearings properly. Defective bearings wear prematurely, which then compromises your car's performance. When it's time to replace your car's Friction Bearing, don't hesitate to do so. This way, you'll prevent further damage to its neighboring parts. For premium-quality bearings, shop only at your trusted store—Auto Parts Warehouse! To find the exact part, simply browse through our online catalog. Affordable prices and big discounts are yours for the taking! So get one today!

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