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Ants. They are possibly the coolest in nature in just the way they work things out efficiently. If only your fuel distributor works the same way. Oh! Since you're here maybe you're really thinking that that busted fuel distributor of yours is taking so much from you and from your engine. Being responsible for supplying each cylinder their ratio of oil and air mixture, the fuel distributor basically has to work in perfect condition so it can maximize the performance of your engine's cylinders. And even though the fuel distributor is not a common concern underhood, but with wear and corrosion, the fuel distributor is a great threat to your engine as it will lose its precision in supplying the right amount of mixture to the cylinders. Contaminated fuel usually causes damage to the fuel distributor, so watch out. Like those ants, you want your air-fuel mixture flowing well to your engine for that really smooth and efficient ride. Before it even affects your entire engine system, replace your car's damaged fuel distributor now. Auto Parts Warehouse is the leading source of auto parts and accessories sure to boost your DIY savings. Check out our catalog now and find everything you need securely and conveniently.

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How to Install a New Fuel Distributor

A faulty fuel distributor creates a domino effect of engine problems under your hood. From bad timing to not starting at all, your engine relies heavily on the distributor to function well. So if your car won't start or if it's throttle response is a bit low, replace your fuel distributor with this straightforward installation guide.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools you'll need:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • New O-rings
  • Fuel distributor

Step 1: Open your hood and disconnect the battery's negative cable from its terminal. This ensures your safety while working on your car's electrical system.

Step 2: Your fuel distributor should be on the right side of the engine block. You can easily locate the distributor by following your spark plug wires, which are directly connected to each of the distributor's plugs. Once you've located it, tag and disconnect each spark plug wire.

Step 3: Using a screwdriver, detach the wiring harness connector from the fuel distributor.

Step 4: Be sure to note the positions of the different parts for easier reinstallation later on. First, mark the wire tower's position on the cap. Also mark the position of the distributor rotor relative to the distributor body and the cylinder head. You should also remember its position against the housing and engine.

Step 5: Using a wrench, remove the hold-down bolts to loosen the distributor's hold on the base. Before completely removing the distributor, be sure to move the cap and wires out of the way for easier access to the part. If there is a clamp holding the fuel distributor, unfasten the clamp and lift the distributor away from the engine.

Step 6: Put in a well-greased O-ring before installing your new fuel distributor. Position and line up your fuel distributor and rotor to the engine block, taking note of all the marks in step 4.

Step 7: Secure your new fuel distributor using the hold-down bolts and clamps.

Step 8: Reconnect all the spark plug wires to your fuel distributor's wires.

Step 9: Now that you've finished installing your new fuel distributor, close the hood of your car and take it out for a good spin.

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