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Fuel Level Float

We have 11 Items for Fuel Level Float In-stock.

Wonder where the data reflected in your fuel gauge comes from? That data is provided by a sending unit in your vehicle's fuel assembly, a unit composed of the fuel level float and a metal rod that works with it. The said unit is found inside the fuel tank, monitoring the fuel level and delivering the correct data to the fuel gauge. As the name implies, the float is a material that floats in the fuel. Therefore, as the fuel level changes, so does the location of the fuel level float, and the metal rod to which it is mounted. This rod is connected to the gauge, and its movement determines the data that the gauge reflects. As the fluid level decreases, the float moves downward, which in turn causes a change in the position of the rod. It is during this instance when you will see the needle in your gauge slowly moving from full to empty-and back when you do a fuel refill. This component is important in keeping you aware of your vehicle's fuel level, informing you when it's time to do a refill. If you need a new fuel level float, don't hesitate to shop here at Auto Parts Warehouse. We have all the parts you need to keep your ride in great shape.