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Seals-nobody truly appreciates their worth till those nasty leaks become a big problem. Imagine if a fuel line O-ring finally comes apart. This will definitely bring low fuel pressure and create problems with your ride's performance. It might seem like your ride has run out of gas when the truth is that it's the fuel leak that's wreaking havoc inside the hood. The engine will probably run lean. And do you know what this means? You may run into all sorts of troubles ranging from backfires to lurching acceleration. Fuel economy will also be a problem, along with drivability. Not only are you losing precious drops of fuel but the leak may also ruin other engine parts. So before it's too late, be sure to check the fuel lines and other parts of the fuel system. If you spot a busted fuel line O-ring, make no mistake-replace it as soon as you can. The best way to seal off the fuel line is by getting one that totally fits your ride's fuel system requirements. A compatible O-ring shouldn't cause too much hassle with installation. The new O-ring should be as good as the stock part, if not better. With great options from top aftermarket brands, there's no doubt you can find a suitable replacement to stop leaks and restore the smooth operation of your vehicle.

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