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Fuel Pump Assembly

We have 6,644 Items for Fuel Pump Assembly In-stock.

Fuel is your engine's food. This substance needs to be fed to the engine regularly so that it functions properly. Now, to ensure that the engine gets its daily dose of fuel, it relies on the fuel pump. However, the fuel pump can't do the job alone. It also needs the help of other components. These parts are what make up the Fuel Pump Assembly. Aside from the fuel pump, this assembly contains an electric pump motor that powers the pump. There's also a cylindrical plastic enclosure that houses the fuel pump and motor. A specialized spring-loaded frame is also included to give the enclosure the support it needs by keeping it connected to the fuel tank. The last part that completes the assembly is the fuel gauge sender. This component provides additional support to ensure that all these parts stay in place no matter how rough the road gets. Because it plays an important role in providing your engine with fuel, the Fuel Pump Assembly is constructed using premium materials. This gives it the toughness it needs to withstand the ill effects of wear and tear, as well as exposure to various harsh elements. Each of its parts is given a direct-fit design, which ensures that they'll fit perfectly during setup. As a result, you can enjoy a quick and hassle-free installation. So, if you're after having consistent fuel flow throughout your engine, don't think twice about installing this assembly. Simply place an order here at Auto Parts Warehouse to get one that's right for your vehicle.